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Being in the fast-paced world of Motorsport is something only the blessed few and the privileged can experience. The adrenaline rush Grand Prix race cars bring can only be felt by the most skilled drivers in the industry. A lot of fans and racing enthusiasts thirst for the blood pumping action the sports could give, but unfortunately, they can only watch from the sidelines and cheer as their team races on. But the automotive giant company Vandervell gives these fans and most car owners a chance to experience how driving a GP car could feel like. As the leading manufacturer of engine bearings, the brand brings to the people an adrenaline rush no ordinary car parts can give.

Since 1930's, Vandervell has been supplying the world with engine bearings and other automotive parts that fit and run like motorsport components. The founder of the company also managed a prestigious GP racing team, the Vanwall, in the 50's and so the race cars were fitted with the brand's premium quality bearings. The company's research and design team knows the exact specification and engineering of bearings that can perform at high speeds. With a Motorsport GP background like that, it is certain that Vandervell is pretty much the expert when it comes to manufacturing tough engine parts that can tolerate extreme conditions.

One can almost taste and feel the speed and high performance of a race car once it is fitted with a Vandervell main bearing set. How can you not feel the course of adrenaline and intense power on your fingertips when the brand is backed by an expertise that allowed it to bag the World Manufacturers' Championship in the 1958 Grand Prix racing? Surely, any engine part crafted and produced by the company will be equipped with the same kind of quality that made it win the competition. A Vandervell thrust bearing set also takes you out of the sidelines and allows you to live the extreme Motorsport experience.