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Vehicle Speed Sensor

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Aside from the fact that the US is the world's 3rd largest car manufacturer, the country is also one of the most stringent when it comes to enforcing traffic laws. Speed limits, window tint regulations, laws against driving under the influence of alcohol - break any of these and you're likely to get a ticket.So if your car's speedometer is broken, better fix it pronto. It may just be the vehicle speed sensor that needs replacement. This sensor detects the speed at which your car's wheels are turning, and relays the information to the speedometer.Your car's speed is something you have to be constantly conscious of. Keeping a close watch on the speedometer helps you avoid shelling out money to pay those tickets off.Of course, you could just replace the vehicle speed sensor when it becomes faulty. Then you'll have no excuse for going over the speed limit. If you're looking for high-quality sensors, you've come to the right place. These sensors are available here at Carparts.

• Our vehicle speed sensors send accurate information to the speedometer.

• A sensor from us lasts longer against corrosion.

• Installing a replacement speed sensor takes less than an hour.