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Who would say no to stronger doses of horsepower and higher engine air capacity? Only someone who's not in his right mind, that is! But before you can achieve more tremendous horsepower and torque, you have to be prepared to make some minor changes to your engine first. Don't worry-you won't be doing a complete overhaul of your vehicle. You just have to modify a few components to maximize your car's performance. We're all quite scared of changes, but some changes are actually good and can benefit you in the long run, like a nice haircut or a change of lifestyle. With your car, there's a brand which can help you make this certain change to your engine-the premium brand Velocity, renowned makers of aftermarket and OEM cold air intakes.

Restrictions usually suffocate us, right? The strict rules and regulations in school or in the office can sometimes put a chain around people's necks, making it harder for some to function and work efficiently. Giving people some breathing space is actually more helpful than restricting them with unreasonable rules. A considerable breathing space or increased airflow is also what your engine needs to be able to churn more horsepower for longer and more enduring performance. A Velocity cold air intake is designed to feed your car with cooler and denser air that is required to bring in more horsepower. Usually, each engine is fitted with stock air boxes that come with paper air filters. But instead of allowing more air to circulate around your engine parts, the stock piece actually restricts the airflow and cuts off a huge amount of potential power that can be delivered to your car.

But trust Velocity to make the necessary changes to your engine. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket cold air intake systems, the brand guarantees better airflow that can help increase fuel economy and engine efficiency. The brand also uses advanced plastics and other materials which are environmentally-friendly, truly making it a better alternative to stock air boxes.