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Venom Fuel Injectors are the termination point for your vehicle's entire fuel delivery system. With a very small allowable variance in the quantity and spray pattern of the fuel delivered, you'll want Venom Fuel Injectors that are built to insure maximum expectations at each and every performance level. All Venom Fuel Injectors come with bushings, o-rings and filter baskets. They are balanced and matched to increase flow rate and atomization. All Venom Fuel Injectors have bodies, tops and other components that are machined in house on HASS CNC and HAAS MILL machines. Advanced polymer is used in the o-rings to insure there is no o-ring failure. Venom Fuel Injectors have electrical plugs molded of aerospace grade material that utilize solid copper terminals to increase current flow to the electromagnetic coil. The guide pins are slightly oversized to ensure a tighter fit that reduces terminal corrosion. Fuel injectors are leak tested at three times OEM operating pressure.
The Venom Intake Manifold is CNC machined billet aluminum with head flange and intake runner surface CNC machined runners to reduce turbulence and increase the speed and volumetric efficiency of your Venom Intake Manifold. The Venom Intake Manifold accepts up to a 66-mm throttle body and can be used on naturally aspirated or under forced induction. All manifolds are offered in red, blue, polished, black and satin. These manifolds offer increased volumetric efficiency by 70 percent over stock and are ideal for forced induction or heavily modified, naturally aspirated motors.
The Venom Engine Module has an 8-bit micro-controller that is capable of monitoring the various sensor inputs and then modifying the outputs are more than 40 times per second. If you already have another service prom installed, don't worry. The Venom Engine Module