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Exhaust System by Vibrant

Vibrant Streetpower Exhaust Systems are precision designed for maximum street style and performance. Gain increased air flow for increased horsepower and torque with this simple car upgrade. The Streetpower exhaust is guaranteed to give you improved efficiency for better engine power.

Manufactured from 16-gauge T304 stainless steel exhaust tubing, Streetpower Exhaust Systems are built to last. This superior construction also delivers optimal exhaust resonance control. And because the tubing is CNC Mandrel bent, you get the most unrestrained path of exhaust flow possible. The true straight-through design of these exhaust systems minimizes curves and is tightly packed with premium sound suppression materials to lower noise emissions and produce a smooth, appealing low rumble.

Fabricated with the strength of TIG welds, you get a solid construction that will provide reliable performance for years to come. With a durable design, the Streetpower series can stand up to hits from road debris, moisture and extreme weather conditions, as well as the rigors of time. Buy one exhaust system for the lifetime of your vehicle with the Streepower Series.

With an easy, bolt-on installation, you'll be flying down the streets in no time. And because the install utilizes all stock mounting points, you won't have to do any drilling. Vibrant Streetpower Exhaust Systems are available in three designs: axle-back, cat-back, and turbo-back. Whatever option is right for you, you can be sure your car will gain maximum horsepower for increased speed and efficiency.

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Vibrant Exhaust System Articles

  • Vibrant Series: TPV

    Vibrant Exhaust System

    Push your vehicle to the limit with the help of a Vibrant TPV Exhaust System. Engineered to outperform the competition, these systems will give you optimum horsepower and efficiency. Gain increased speed and acceleration with the help of the TPV Series.

    Show off your style with these premium systems. Each TPV exhaust system is constructed from sturdy 16-gauge T304 stainless steel exhaust tubing. With the materials to stand up to anything the road has to throw at it, as well as moisture and extreme weather conditions, these exhaust systems will stay in perfect, shiny condition for years to come. And the TPV Series is created from a lightweight design, your ride won't be weighed down.

    Precision fabricated to deliver maximum air flow, the TPV Series will get you moving. The tubing is CNC Mandrel bent for an open and unrestricted pathway and the true straight-through design minimizes confining curves. With plenty of open space inside the tubing, your air will freely flow for increased efficiency.

    For added strength, the TPV Series is TIG welded. The tightly packed premium sound suppression provides a low, deep rumble. And thanks to the removable inner silencer, you can customize the sound of your exhaust. TPV Exhaust systems install easily with a bolt-on design that utilizes your stock mounting points. That means no drilling so you can be up and running in no time. TPV Exhaust Systems are available in three options: axle-back, cat-back, and turbo-back.