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Air Filter by Volant

The Volant Pro-Guard 7 Filter delivers increased horsepower to your vehicle by cooling the air that goes into your engine. Volant tests every one of their air filter designs in the lab before selling them to the public, so you know they will offer the absolute best performance over the competition.

The Pro-Guard 7 filter is designed to reduce heat conductivity to provide the absolute coolest air to your engine. Constructed from a unique polyurethane material that doesn't conduct heat, you get more oxygen molecules per charge. The result of this is increased horsepower and fuel efficiency.

The high-flow cotton gauze filters feature .05 micron openings to deliver maximum air flow and filtration. For extended use, these air filters are washable and reusable. That means you get long-lasting results that give you the extra horsepower you want over quite a lengthy period of time. All Volant Pro-Guard 7 Filters are manufactured to fit like an OEM part, so you know you are protected with a tight, secure fit.

Pro-Guard 7 Filters give you the impressive benefits of increased horsepower and fuel economy. You'll go faster, longer, and with fewer stops at the gas station. With the ability to save up to 2 mpg with the help of one of these air filters, this is an investment that could eventually pay for itself. Go for efficiency and speed with the Volant Pro-Guard 7 Filter.

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