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Volkswagen Beetle Carpet Kit

Common Problems Your Volkswagen Beetle Carpet Kit May Encounter

Be it a classic or a modern VW bug, there's nothing like installing a new carpet kit. It adds a different element to the already great interior of an already classic car. Time becomes an enemy because they can wreak havoc on carpets made from cloth-like material. Over time a carpet can fade away, losing its color or its sheen. Here are some of the problems you can expect to deal with about your carpet:

Faded and shredded carpets

VW bugs are a classic that is better bought old. However, you might get stuck with a really old bug bought from a careless owner. You should expect to see some pretty disappointing things in the interior of this car, especially when it comes to upholstery. Its seat covers and carpets may have gone through some serious damage in the past. Damages include the carpets being faded and worn and torn to the point of shredding. You should replace carpets in this condition as soon as you can.

Shredding carpets

Carpets can withstand being stepped and jumped upon. However, there are companies that could have built sub-standard carpets that won't last even a month. If you have this sort of problem on your bug, you should consider changing your carpet. Your bug's carpet should last a year or so but if it starts being pulled out even by light vacuuming, you should seriously consider trading in your carpet for better ones.

Burn holes and marks

This cannot be avoided on a bug or any other car. Sometimes people have the tendency to become too careless in a car. They could litter your car with lit cigarette butts or have drinks that spill out while moving. This leaves a mark to your otherwise lovely carpet. You should watch out for cigarette butts; they could become the cause of fire if not put out. They could cause a greater damage than just burn marks on your carpet. You should also consider cleaning your interior if you notice a few spills.

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  • How You Can Preserve Your Volkswagen Beetle Carpet Kit's Good Condition

    Carpets lend appearance and class to your ride. Stylish carpets can make a big impact and uplift your car's look-something that's not easy to do if you're dealing with a VW. These carpets also contribute to the classic appeal of the bug. However, carpets last only for a short time if their owners are careless and irresponsible. Here are some tips for you to keep the good condition of your carpet kit:

    Clean stains immediately

    When someone spilled coffee or cola on your carpets, you should consider cleaning it immediately. Dilute the area with water and blot it out with a clean rag or napkins. If the liquid dries out and leaves a stain (it always does), you should consider using glass cleaner as a substitute for your conventional detergent. Glass cleaners do not leave behind soapy residue, which traditional carpet cleaners have a tendency to do.

    Brightening your fading carpet

    So your carpet is fading, but you think you can still restore it. Do this by using a mixture of ammonia and water on your carpet. You should vacum the entire area first. Afterwards, use a sponge mop to apply the mixture. It is advisable, however, that you should test this first at a discrete area of the carpet. If it works, then you go ahead to other parts of the carpet. Note that you shouldn't do this on a wool carpet.

    Drying up wet carpeting

    Drinks could have spilled on your carpet, or a flood may have left your car submerged. To keep your carpet and your car from taking on mold, you should dry it out quickly. You can bring up the water with a vacum, and then blot it out with a towel or a rug. You should use baking soda on the carpet to deal with the odor, and then vacum the baking soda afterwards.

    Customizing your carpet

    Each car, like the VW bug, has carpeting adjusted to the specific mold of their car. If you bought a new carpet, you can mold it to your car as well. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by using a heat gun and spray adhesive on your carpet.