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Volkswagen Beetle Mud Flaps

Volkswagen Beetle Mud Flaps: Common Issues and What to Do with Them

Though overlooked at times, your Volkswagen Beetle mud flaps are some of the most important parts installed on your vehicle. Custom molded to suit your vehicle, these parts are installed to protect your vehicle from loose debris, mud, and other kinds of corrosive elements that may cause damage to your vehicle. However, even if mud flaps are made from high quality materials, they still get damaged and cause troubles sometimes. Read on to know some of the usual problems that you may encounter with these parts.

Exhaust noise

One problem that you may encounter with a damaged mud flap is hearing exhaust noise. Usually, this happens because the cracked part of the mud flap is hitting the exhaust system. Although, replacing the damaged part is the best solution, you can still repair it using a safety wire and a drill. However, if you will do this, make sure that the wire will hold the damaged pieces together so that they will not hit the exhaust or other parts of your Beetle anymore.

Stubborn dirt build up

Your Volkswagen Beetle mud flaps are designed to protect your vehicle from mud and other kinds of loose debris. However, because of their function, they become extremely dirty just after a few miles of driving. As a result, they become eyesores, and they can no longer protect your vehicle well. So, if your Beetle's mud flaps are too dirty, you can try cleaning them using an all-purpose cleaner and a car soap that can be purchased from your local car parts store. However, before using these cleaning solutions, make sure that you checked their labels first because some products need to be diluted first for best results.

Loose sections

Due to age, the mud flaps of your Volkswagen Beetle may become loose. Once this happens, the loose sections of the mud flaps will hit different parts of your vehicle, or get in the way of the wheels. If this is the case, you should reattach the loose sections to avoid damaging the rest of the mud flaps. However, before doing this, check if the flaps are attached to your vehicle through screws or an adhesive tape so you can purchase the right one at a car parts store.

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  • Three Easy Ways to Keep Volkswagen Beetle Mud Flaps in Good Condition

    The mud flaps of your Volkswagen Beetle are very important car parts. Not only do they boost your vehicle's appearance, but they also protect it from debris and other kinds of corrosive materials that get flung into the air when the tires rotate. Unfortunately, despite their importance, your mud flaps will eventually get damaged especially if they are not taken care of properly. To prevent this, check out the list below for some simple tips on how you can keep your mud flaps in good condition.

    Use the right cleaning solutions when removing mud and tar residues from your mud flaps.

    When cleaning your Volkswagen Beetle mud flaps, make sure that you will use the right cleaning solutions. By doing so, you will save yourself from a lot of problems caused by cracked or worn-looking mud flaps. You can try using an ordinary car wash soap and all-purpose cleaner to remove the dirt build up. If you really want to make the mud flaps look brand new, then you can also use a trim restorer. But, make sure that the cleaning products you are going to purchase will not cause more damage to your mud flaps.

    Inspect your vehicle's mud flaps for cracks routinely.

    Due to constant exposure to varying temperature and corrosive elements, the mud flaps installed on your Volkswagen Beetle will get damaged eventually. Once this happens, the other parts of your vehicle will be compromised because of loose debris and other foreign materials. To avoid this, always inspect your vehicle's mud flaps for cracks and other signs of damage.

    Restore your Volkswagen Beetle mud flaps when necessary.

    Sometimes, because they have been installed on your vehicle for a long time, the mud flaps may lose their shine. As a result, your Beetle will look a bit unappealing. To avoid this, make sure that you will restore your mud flaps using a trim restorer that can be purchased from a car parts store. However, before buying this product, make sure that it will suit rubber or plastic mud flaps, depending on which kind is installed on your vehicle.