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Volkswagen Beetle Side Marker

The smart and stylish Volkswagen Beetle that comes from the concept of a German people's car has truly evolved. The daring combination of unique semi-egg shape and fancy color project a one-of-a-kind vehicle in its class. With exceptional engineering followed by a refined performance give the Beetle the value fort money as it hits the road with finesse. With fun and exciting features fit both the interior and exterior perfectly considering the small and limited space each Beetle has. One must admit that although the Beetle is not the dream car, it is fun to drive making it very appealing both on the younger and middle-age drivers.

Fun and stylish; but these adjectives do fully define the Volkswagen Beetle. As the Federal Government's Crash Test result suggests, it is one of the safest cars on the road earning the top scores the department could award. This is with the help of solid chassis. But safety does not end here. There are several features that are in the new Volkswagen Beetle including 4-wheel abs, energy management feature, traction control, front side airbag, daytime running lights, front head airbag, and rear market lights.

You might wonder why the rear marker light is in line with safety features. Here are the reasons: the rear marker light is a kind of reflector that is located on the rear side fender for the Volkswagen (other side markers are located at the quarter panel or on the bumper or connected to the vehicle's turn signal lights). It increases the vehicle's visibility to other drivers on the road especially during the night. The Volkswagen Beetle rear marker light, although could also be seen on most of the vehicles today are very helpful keep the Beetle safe from collision. Although it does not completely guarantee this, the reflection that the rear markers lights make to other driver is enough to inform them of the presence of the Beetle thus keeping it away from accidents. The Volkswagen Beetle rear marker lights are stylish and functional day in and day out.

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