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Volkswagen Cabrio Hood

Fixing Common Headaches of the Volkswagen Cabrio Hood

Because it takes up a huge portion of the vehicle's front end, the hood is one of the components of the Volkswagen Cabrio that is most vulnerable to damage and wear. And once it does break down, the hood may not be able to protect the engine and other performance parts inside the engine compartment effectively. So if you notice any of these problems in your Volkswagen Cabrio hood, make sure to address them immediately.

The hood is jammed shut

A jammed hood is a common problem not only with the Volkswagen Cabrio but in other automobiles as well. In a huge majority of cases a jammed hood can be traced to a rusted hood lock. Moisture from rain or condensation can cause rust to build up inside the hood lock mechanism and obstruct its movement. If left unattended for too long, the rust can eat away at the lock components, rendering it useless. Cleaning and lubrication of the hood lock often solves this problem, but if the lock is already badly rusted it must be replaced with a new one.

Scratches and dents

Scratches and dents are another common problem with car hoods, and while it is not as serious it can make the hood look unsightly. Minor damage to the hood's exterior tend to have that effect of making the vehicle look aged and worn-out, a major disadvantage if you are planning to sell your Cabrio in the future. In addition, scratches that strip away the protective finish of the hood can make the affected area highly vulnerable to corrosion. Luckily, superficial scratches on the hood surface can usually be fixed by repaint, while dents may have to be repaired using a plastic resin filler first before being painted over.

Rust and corrosion

Many experts claim that, short of a serious vehicle collision, rust is the most serious problem of a car hood. Rusting is often caused by neglect, scratches that were not immediately covered up, and long and constant exposure to the elements without adequate protection. Dealing with corroded hoods depends on the extent of the deterioration. If only a small area of the hood has corroded, for instance, it might still be repaired by sanding and repainting. But if the corrosion has been extensive and has compromised the integrity of the hood, replacement is a better option to take.

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  • Beginner's Guide to Caring for the Audi Cabrio Hood

    The hood of the Audi Cabrio does more than just hide its blocky engine. An integral component in any automobile on the road today, the hood is designed to protect the engine and other components inside from the elements as well as give the car a smooth, fuel-efficient aerodynamic shape. So if the hood deteriorates or gets damaged, not only will it make the Cabrio look ugly but also make it less fuel-efficient and the engine compartment vulnerable to damage. Thankfully, maintenance of the Audi Cabrio hood is relatively easy and can safeguard its good condition for a long time. So if you want to get years of use from the hood of your convertible, simply follow these care and maintenance tips:

    Be careful when detaching the hood from the car.

    If for some reason or another that you need to detach the hood from your convertible, make sure that all the tubing and wiring connected to it are detached beforehand. Have someone help you prop the hood open when removing the hinge bolts and, once it is free, place it on the carpet or some blanket to avoid getting scratches on the hood surface.

    Clean the car regularly (by hand if possible).

    Most people often think that a trip to the car wash is enough, but washing your convertible by hand is more preferable. A lot of car wash establishments use strong cleaners and other chemicals that can harm the hood's finish. In addition, washing by hand also gives you to the opportunity to check for small dents, scratches, rust and other signs of damage on the hood which might have otherwise been ignored if the vehicle was cleaned at a car wash. Make sure to wash the hood with non-abrasive cleaning solutions and cloth to avoid scratching the paint.

    Deal with rust immediately.

    Rust is something a lot of people tend to ignore, but if left untreated even a tiny spot of rust on the hood can grow and eat away at its structure. Minor corrosion on the hood can usually be removed by sandpaper or an orbital grinder followed by a treatment of rust remover, but if the hood has extensive corrosion it must be treated in an auto body shop or replaced if necessary.