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Volkswagen Fog Light

During a poor visibility road condition like rain and fog, it is not enough to have a simple set of headlights. To see the road clearly, a vehicle must be equipped with one of the most important set of lights in this road condition: the Volkswagen fog lights. Fog lights are set of lights that are usually located at the front of the vehicle under the headlight, part of the bumper or below it. Normally, the fog lights are installed 10-24 inches above the ground.

Fog light provide extra glow on the road thus it is very useful during foggy and rainy driving condition. Remember that the average good road visibility on the road is more than a hundred yards. If it happens to be lower than that it is necessary to use fog lights both for front and for rear. It might have happened to you that when you drive on foggy road, you tend to slow down. With fog lights, you can see the road clearer and farther.

Newer Volkswagen vehicles already have a standard fog lights as part of it feature. Older models on the other hand, especially those in lower trims are only given a provisionary spot for aftermarket fog lights. Proper attachment of Volkswagen fog lights is necessary to reduce the glare into the driver eyes and to minimize glare into oncoming traffic. This avoids any accidents that may cause by blindness from fog light lights.

There are also rear fog lights available for Volkswagen models. These rear fog lights though are not very popular are attached to the rear of the vehicle are usually red light as bright as a brake light that can be visible within fifty years. They differ from brake lights because rarely does your visibility drop to such a dangerous level in normal rain or snow like it can in fog.

Volkswagen Fog Light Models