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Volkswagen Golf Suspension Lift Kit

When you comfortably enjoy Volkswagen Golf ride, with handling and braking in perfect operation, expect that its suspension is truly capable of its job. Basically, this is the auto system that handles bumps, road noise and vibration, as well as minimize the effect of road irregularities to the performance of the vehicle. A Volkswagen Golf could be using several types of suspension systems, which can be categorized as either dependent or independent suspensions. The Volkswagen Golf air suspension is a kind of suspension that is dependent on a certain level of air pressure, and basically works with springs, shock absorbers and linkages attaching the wheels to the vehicle just like typical suspension systems.

The Volkswagen air suspension is essentially using air rather than metal spring to support the vehicle and control ride motions. Technically, the natural frequency of vibration of the air spring is not the same as with the metal springs. The air springing of the system brings smoother ride even if the vehicle load is light. As the load condition is increased, the air pressure automatically levels with it, and so the constant sprint vibration is maintained. This kind of performance maximizes the ability of the Volkswagen Golf to protect its occupants and cargo against probable damage and wear.

Is your Volkswagen Golf still using suspension system that supports the operation with metal component? Maybe, you're already tired of experiencing jolts brought by road irregularities and would want something to alleviate it, then replacement Volkswagen Golf air suspension is the solution. Have them in either in off or online stores easily. And if you want an even smoother ride, the air suspension system can be retrofitted with air suspension power booster. This type of booster assists the driver in the application of the brakes, making it work more reliable. And if you are in need of aftermarket Volkswagen Golf air suspension parts for restoration such as coil springs or leaf springs, shock absorbers or struts, anti sway bars and linkages including torsion bars, control arms, 4-links or trailing arms, and other vital suspension parts the market also have them for you.

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