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Volkswagen Jetta Blower Motor Resistor

Problems to Expect from a Volkswagen Jetta Blower Motor Resistor

When the heating and air-conditioning system of your vehicle goes bad, there are a lot of things that may have gone wrong. You should consider taking a look at your car's blower motor resistor. If the problem doesn't seem to be related to any other parts and your blower motor seems to be completely fine, the electrical system may be suspect, and the blower motor resistor is a part of that problem. Right here are the common problems you may possibly meet:

Shorted circuits

The blower motor resistor is a small piece of equipment that provides power to itself. A blower motor resistor is equipped with a small circuit board for this purpose. Over time, however, this circuit board has a tendency to become brittle and fragile. The constant heating and cooling may affect it, and it may eventually break. If this happens, the blower motor resistor will cease to work, and at the same time, will stop to deliver air through your car's A/C system vents.

Electric resistance

Any electrical system can fall prey to building electrical resistance. Your blower motor resistor is included, and may make your vehicle's A/C system have problems. If it builds up too much resistance, this may cause it to falter while working, or not work at all. This condition may also affect the fan. It may bear upon the fan's speed, setting it at a constant and maintaining it at that speed, no matter what setting you place it on.

Power loss

You can know that your blower resistor is bad simply by testing your vehicle's A/C system at different speeds. Higher speeds draw power directly from the switch, so you may notice no difference when you set it at high-speed. However, if you notice that there are no power coming from setting it at a lower speed, then you have a problem. The lower and mid range speed settings all draw power from your car's blower motor resistor.

As always, test the connections

Being an electrical unit, the blower motor resistor can benefit from having most of its connections tested. Sometimes, bad connections can weigh heavily on the blower resistor, since it uses electricity to run itself. Test your connections to see if it is really the problem, or if the blower resistor has turned bad.

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  • Maintenance Tips: How to Keep your Volkswagen Jetta Blower Motor Resistor in Good Form

    Blower resistors are important parts of your car's A/C system. They are responsible for controlling the coldness of the car's cab. If you want a lower cold setting or a higher setting, these blower motor resistors control the air getting in, making the cab colder or slightly cold. If these break down, you may find that there is no control to the level of cold air in your car. To keep this from happening, here are a few tips to follow to maintain your blower motor resistor:

    Regularly test the fuse

    Some blower motor resistors are often suspected of not working when usually, it's the fuse that doesn't work. Make it a habit to check your fuse for connections when looking at your blower motor resistor and your car A/C system. Check your connections, and always have parts ready when checking your fuse. Changing your fuse or fixing your blower motor resistor are good solutions.cCheck out the wire connections

    Wiring usually becomes a suspect when a system is not working. This is the same when it pertains to the A/C system of your car. Looking at a car's HVAC wiring could help you solve your problem on why your car's A/C system is not working. You might have bad connections or severed solders that could be the cause of your problem. If you can fix these problems yourself, consider doing a quick repair to restore your system's operation.

    Test the A/C system itself

    By testing the A/C system of your car, you would be able to figure out if your resistor is bad or if there are problems somewhere else. If the high setting of your system seems fine but not the lower settings, you may have a bad resistor. Change it out at the soonest possible time to make sure that you have a properly working A/C system.

    Other things to look out for

    Being a part of the electrical system, your blower motor resistor is suspect to blow outs, burnt fuses, and shorted wiring. By looking at each of these and figuring out what needs to be replaced or repaired, you can help ensure the long life and continued stability of your car's blower motor resistor.