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Volkswagen Jetta Catalytic Converter

A component in the car's emissions control system, the catalytic converter treats the exhaust before it goes out of the car. It is responsible for removing the pollutants and hazards that the vehicle could possibly emit to the environment. That's the reason why replacing clogged and damaged catalytic converters is sometimes considered as ethical and legal necessity. A car will not pass emissions inspection once its catalytic converter is damaged. And worse, defective catalytic converter is usually giving off unreasonable amount of pollution that's harmful not just to the environment but also for everyone's health.

Because of these, Volkswagen engineers make sure that their vehicles like Jetta are equipped with properly-functioning catalytic converter. Do you want to know how does it work? During the combustion process, the car engine produces harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. These are the elements that the catalytic converter acts upon. Majority of modern cars today feature three-way catalytic converters. The word "three-way" stands for the three mentioned elements produced during combustion. This converter possess two various types of catalysts - a reduction and an oxidation catalyst.

The reduction catalyst is the first phase of your Volkswagen catalytic converter, reducing the NOx emissions. The second phase is the oxidation catalyst which acts on the unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. There is also a sensor placed inside the converter which controls the air-to-fuel ration being burned in the engine. After passing through these stages, the exhaust going out of your Volkswagen catalytic converter is now safer.

When looking for a replacement Volkswagen catalytic converter, you definitely have to choose between aftermarket or OEM units. Of course, car manufacturers will advise you to get only OEM parts but if you want cheaper units, you can settle on an aftermarket catalytic converter. However, you need to be careful in choosing your replacement unit. Make sure that it has a perfect fit and is compatible to your vehicle's specifications.

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