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Volkswagen Jetta Fuel Pump

A Volkswagen Jetta Fuel Pump's Most Common Problems

The fuel's importance to a car is a given. No matter how new or how charged your car battery is, the car simply won't run (except if it's an electric car, in which case it will). Fuel is the lifeblood of a car and the fuel system its circulatory system. So, if one part of this system, like the fuel pump, fails, you might as well leave your car by the curb and take a hike. Don't let this happen to you in the middle of the night. Check your fuel pump for the following common problems:

Pressure sensitivity

If your car uses a fuel injection system, it is sensitive to pressure. Each car has a different fuel pressure level, but on average, it stays at around 30 to 80 pounds per square inch of fuel. If you go over or under those numbers even for a bit, your car's fuel pump may fail. You should consider following the intended pressure for your vehicle.

Fuel pump relay fail

Sometimes a fuel pump relay may fail, which could cause your fuel pump to fail. This usually happens when the fuel pump fails to detect enough voltage needed to run itself. You should check your fuel pump relay if this happens. It should deliver a quart of fuel every 30 seconds, so if your fuel pump doesn't give out that much, you should consider changing your fuel pump relay.

Faulty connections

If your fuel pump fails to work properly, something could be wrong with your vehicle's electric connections. A fuel pump is connected to the electrical system of a car and a specific amount of voltage is needed for it to run properly. If other parts are fine but the fuel pump still won't run, you should consider checking the connections. Make sure that none of the wiring causes shorts or the connections aren't corroded. If they are, you should replace them as soon as possible.

Other things you should consider

Before taking a look at your vehicle, you should consider taking a look at the manual. There are a lot of things that you could learn from it such as specifics about the wiring or the right parts to use as replacement.

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  • Timely Delivery: How to Keep Your Volkswagen Jetta Fuel Pump Working

    A good engine is a well-fed engine-with gasoline, that is. Engines rely on gasoline to lubricate them and to produce power from combustion. Fuel pumps, in turn, make this happen by delivering fuel to parts where the engine needs them. Most parts rely on a fuel pump's timely delivery; without it, a car won't run well, or won't start at all. Here are some ideas to keep your fuel pump delivering fuel effectively:

    Checking the pump

    There are a lot of problems that could happen to your fuel pump. The most common of these is the damage that it can suffer on the surface. Hairline scratches, rough spots, and other damage may appear on the body of your fuel pump. You should learn to look for these the next time you take your fuel pump out for an inspection. If you see that they are many, you should consider changing your fuel pump for a better one.

    Repairing your pump

    Some pumps, such as those made with highly resistant plastic, could be serviced. You can do this yourself or you can have registered mechanics do this for you. The same process follows; you take the pump out and you inspect the surface for cracks and other possible damage. Once you have tracked all of them, you should take a look and see if they are still repairable. Discard any old parts you find and replace them with new OEM parts for better performance.

    Measure the oil pressure

    You should regularly check your oil pressure. Fuel pumps maintain a standard oil pressure needed to run your car. If your oil pressure dips below the standard value, your car may suffer from stalling or it may not start at all. You should check if your oil pressure remains constant or becomes erratic. If it becomes erratic, you should consider replacing your fuel pump with a better OEM part to keep your car running smoothly.