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Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Adjust Screw

Simple Ways to Troubleshoot a Faulty Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Adjustment Screw

The headlight adjustment screw holds the headlights in position to give you a good view of what's ahead of your vehicle while driving at night. But when this screw fails or break, it may change the orientation of your headlights and affect your visibility. This is the reason why knowing the problems associated to your Volkswagen Jetta headlight adjustment screw and knowing the ways to troubleshoot them are advised. Here are some tips to help you out:

Misaligned headlight

The headlights on your Jetta can get misaligned and point toward different directions. While this won't affect the performance of your car, it can reduce visibility at night and cause a road accident. Depending on the situation, either of your headlights may point to the sides or to the ground, much lower than the normal level for headlights. This high-risk problem should be fixed immediately to avoid unwanted consequences. Adjusting the headlight adjustment screw is easy and should only take you about 15 minutes. All you need to do is to gently turn the screw using appropriate tools like flat-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers depending on your car. Flash the aligned headlight to a wall and mark where the other headlight should level with.

Broken or unthreaded screw

The headlight adjustment screw on each of your headlight assemblies can break or wear out after some time. But this part can also unexpectedly fail if you tighten it too much while adjusting your headlight. Keep in mind that over tightening the screw can cause it to break or to have its threads loose. That's why it's important that you make slow and gentle strokes when using the headlight adjustment screw. If the screw breaks, you can try pulling it out while supporting the headlight assembly with your other hand. Should the threads get stuck, however, shaking the screw until it becomes loose should do the trick.

Rusted screw

Screws rust over time, especially if exposed to harmful particles like water, dirt, and salts. Should the headlight adjustment screw begin to rust, replace this right away with a new one to avoid getting it stuck and harder to remove the next time you need to adjust your headlight. But if you're not in the market for a new screw, applying rust remover and using a scouring pad to remove the traces of rust can solve this problem.

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  • Easy Ways to Deal with a Rusted Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Adjustment Screw

    Over time, your Volkswagen Jetta headlight adjustment screw can develop rust, especially when exposed to water, dirt, and road salts. Although rust isn't a huge threat, it can lead to a stuck headlight that will be impossible to adjust should it get misaligned. To help keep your headlight adjustment screw rust free, follow these simple tips:

    Soak the loose and rusted screw in Coke.

    If you've just removed the headlight adjustment screw from your car and found rust on it, then soak it in a container filled with Coke. When you soak it, fully submerge the rusted screw and cover the container with a lid. Leaving the screw soaked for 24 hours should get rid of rust. Don't forget to rinse the screw after.

    Apply rust remover liberally.

    Buy any good-quality and effective rust remover from any auto supply store. You can use this solution on a loose or an attached headlight adjustment screw. And remember that you can apply liberal amount of rust remover on the affected area. Letting it sit on the screw is advised, so wait until the next day before you can start scrubbing or attempting to remove the screw.

    Spray the rusted area with vinegar.

    If you're having difficulty removing the headlight adjustment screw of either of your car's headlights, then it's possible that the screw has already rusted. To help ease the removal, fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the rusted area of the screw. Don't rinse off the vinegar; instead, leave it overnight before you start scrubbing the rusted area using a wire brush, a toothbrush, or fine-grade sandpaper.

    Brush the screw with kerosene.

    As alternative to rust remover or other home-based products, kerosene is known to also penetrate rust and corrosion. While this won't completely remove rust on the headlight adjustment screw, it can, however, loosen some buildup and debris.

    Coat the screw with all-purpose oil.

    Applying all-purpose oil on the metal area of the headlight adjustment screw from time to time should help maintain its condition and prevent rust from developing. This will also allow the screw to smoothly rotate, making it easier for you to adjust the headlight.