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Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Assembly

Find Out if the Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Assembly is Faulty

The headlight assembly of a vehicle is one of the most important parts because it allows every driver to cruise safely down the road. Plus, it's a standard operating procedure to switch the headlights on when dusk sets in or when you drive through a tunnel. This way, you can avoid any vehicular accidents and you'll be noticed by the other drivers on the street. However, it's inevitable for the Volkswagen Jetta headlight assembly to fail. Eventually, it will and you'll have to get a replacement. But first, you have to know if it's faulty. Here are some troubleshooting tips that you can use to find out.

Vibration of headlight assembly while driving

When driving and you sense that the headlight assembly is vibrating, it could mean that the projector or reflector is disconnected. This will entail you having to open the assembly. The high-beam side of the projector or reflector of the headlight assembly is connected by a single sliding-friction attachment point, which can be found at the adjustment mechanism. If great force was applied when you reconnected the electrical plug to the high-beam bulb, it can cause the projector or reflector to slip off its attachment. It's not necessary to replace the assembly itself, but you can go to an expert mechanic to have this repaired.

Faulty bulbs

A common reason why the headlight assembly fails is because the headlight bulb is no longer functioning. To check if it's faulty, turn on the headlights and find out which side is not working. Have this replaced immediately because it's quite difficult to drive with only one functioning headlight.

Busted wiring harness

If you've replaced the headlight bulb, but the assembly still refuses to function, it could mean that the wiring harness is damaged. Check the engine compartment fuse box and take out the fuse that works on the headlight circuit that no longer lights up. If the fuse is discolored, replacing it would be necessary.

No power coming through the wiring harness

To check if there's power coming through the wiring harness, you'll need to inspect it with a voltmeter. Connect it to the negative and positive terminal on the battery. If there's no power at all, you'll have to replace the wiring harness so that the headlight assembly would be able to function.

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  • Keep the Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Assembly in Top Condition

    Sooner or later, the Volkswagen Jetta headlight assembly will fail because of different factors. The most common one would be dirt and debris that enter the assembly. This is quite foreseeable because of the different road conditions that you take. Weather is also a factor because rain drops can build up or debris that flow with the windy air can go inside the assembly. No matter what the reason is, it's important that you keep the headlight assembly in top condition at all times. Here are some useful tips that you can use.

    Clean a clouded headlight assembly.

    Headlight assemblies with plastic lenses may be a safer material, but it can also get clouded and obscure the light flow, which can be very dangerous. Cleaning a clouded lens is easy. All you have to do is simply use a regular cut polish from any auto parts store and you can make the headlight lens look shinier.

    Schedule a regular cleanup.

    Since it's really impossible to last a day without getting the headlights dirty, you might as well schedule a regular cleanup. It can be weekly or twice a week, depending on your convenience. A dirty headlight assembly can lessen illumination, which can be dangerous because other drivers may not notice you on the road. Moisture and dirt buildup is common and if not cleaned right away, it can affect the whole headlight assembly. You can simply use paper towels to wipe off any debris or wetness that's inside the assembly.

    Check if the wirings are still functioning.

    Sometimes, the headlight assembly fails because of the connection of the wiring or it may be due to a faulty headlight bulb. Check if it's dimming or not working at all because if that's the case, you might have to replace it with a new one. But if it's only loose, carefully tighten it to adjust it. Also, inspect the wirings if you need to replace any of them. Sometimes, if the headlight bulbs don't light up, it's because of disconnected wires. These little units are easier to replace rather than having to change the whole headlight assembly.