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Volkswagen Jetta Lug Bolt

Detecting Problems with Your Volkswagen Jetta Lug Bolt

Your Volkswagen Jetta lug bolt is not just an ordinary fastener. It is a heavy-duty component that keeps your wheels securely attached to your vehicle. Even though it is made to withstand extreme vibrations, there will come a time when the bolt will finally bid you goodbye. When this happens, you know that your wheels are in a big trouble. But don't fret. All you need to do is to troubleshoot the causes of the problems to arrive at the right repair solution.


Rust may not affect the bolt head severely, but it can damage and ruin the threads completely. You can determine the extent of the corrosion by visually inspecting the bolt. You need to remove them one by one using a ratchet and a wrench. But if the bolt is very hard to take out, you might need to tap the bolt head gently with a hammer. Once the bolt is out, look closely to the threads and find signs of rust. When rust is prevalent to every thread, you need to buy and install a new set of lug bolts.

Stuck bolts

Lug bolts are usually torqued very tightly to make sure that the wheels are firmly attached to the vehicle. When the time comes when you have to replace them, expect that your lug bolts won't easily come off. Stuck bolts indicate that rust has already torn the threads down. The best way to take out stubborn, rusty bolts without breaking the bolt head is by soaking them with penetrating oil. WD-40 is the most common penetrating lubricant in the market. You can buy it at any local auto parts store.

Broken bolt head

The head of the lug bolt can break if extreme force is put on it. Without the head, you'll find it very difficult to remove the lug bolt. After a thorough inspection and you've confirmed that the head is completely ruined, you should be ready for the next step. You'll still be able to remove it, but it would take a more complicated process. First, you need to heat the bolt using a propane torch. Heat will allow the bolt to loosen up. Next, you need to hit the bolt slightly with a hammer. If those aren't enough, you might need to drill to the center of the bolt. Once it's cracked, you can extract it from the vehicle.

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  • Tips on How to Make Your Volkswagen Jetta Lug Bolt Last

    You may think that your Volkswagen Jetta lug bolt is just an ordinary car component that you can replace any time of the day. Yes, it is one of the most affordable car components, and buying it won't even hurt your pocket. But a few bucks still worth a lot. You can use it to buy your favorite beer or to eat at your most- loved fast food chain. To make your lug bolt last, here are some basic care and maintenance tips for you:

    Keep your lug bolts clean.

    Keeping your lug bolts squeaky clean is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to soak them for a few hours with white vinegar. Pure white vinegar has great cleansing properties, which efficiently remove rust and other dirt. Surprisingly, your regular cola drink has the same effect. You can put your lug bolts in a container filled with soda, and let them soak overnight.

    Repair broken threads with tap and die kit.

    Missing or broken bolt threads can be repaired using a tap and die set. To use it, you need to get the exact measurement of the threads you're working on. The set includes a gauge that you can use. After determining the thread size, secure the lug bolt in a vise so it can keep steady while turning the die onto the damaged thread. That way, the threads can be smoothen out.

    Remove rust from the lug bolts.

    Commercial rust removers sold in the market are the best products to use when you're removing stubborn rust. But taking away rust is just the first step. It can come back any time soon especially when you're not doing any preventive measure. One of the simplest ways to inhibit corrosion is by applying a few coats of clear nail polish. It's easy and affordable.

    Torque your lug bolts appropriately.

    You need to apply just the right amount of force on your lug bolts to prevent them from breaking. That's why you always need to consult the vehicle owner's manual to determine the specified torque range. Don't forget to use the right torque wrench. It is typically marked with standard and metric units. Set the wrench according to specific torque measurement to ensure proper bolt torque.