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Volkswagen Jetta Radiator Support

Common Symptoms of a Broken Volkswagen Jetta Radiator Support

Your radiator is an important engine support component that disperses the heat from the coolant circulating around the engine block. The position of your radiator is very important in this particular function because the coolant may not be able to flow through the radiator tubes if there is radiator misalignment or movement. This is where your radiator support comes in. With this, you need to know when the metal frame is having a problem. Following are some signs that you need to check your radiator support:


Since your Volkswagen Jetta radiator support is a metal frame that is constantly exposed to high temperature and moisture, it would eventually develop rust. A tiny spot of rust is enough to ruin your whole radiator support in time. To avoid such problem, you need to make sure that the metal frame is free of rust all the time. Constant checking of your radiator support would help you spot rust at an early stage for you to fix it before things get worse.


A crack on your radiator support usually develops when you drive through a rough road at high speed. Since you radiator is located under the hood and in front of your car, it is exposed to damage caused by road conditions. This can be a serious matter as a crack can grow and multiply over time. The worst case scenario would be when your radiator comes loose. To avoid this, drive through road bumps with care because a lot of parts in your car can receive strong blows from them.

Loose hood latch

The hood latch attachment is fixed at the upper bar of your radiator support. Needless to say, any change in the metal frame's position can affect the hood and its latch. When you notice that your hood does not lock anymore, check your radiator support for misalignment and bends. The metal frame is usually bolted tightly into your car's body, so bending is more common than loose bolts.

Loose radiator

The most common sign of a broken radiator support is a loose radiator. Since the metal frame is responsible for securing the place of your radiator, an unstable radiator support would entail an unstable radiator. When you experience this problem, check the mounting bolts and brackets attached to your Volkswagen Jetta radiator support.

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  • Extending the Service Life of Your Volkswagen Jetta Radiator Support

    The position of the radiator inside your engine bay is very crucial to its operations. If it is not positioned correctly, coolant may not be able to flow smoothly along its tubes. More so, it can fall right off its place if it is not secured well. These are the roles of your radiator support, the metal frame that is located at the front portion of your car. When you have a problematic radiator support, your radiator would keep on moving under the hood of your car. To prevent such condition, you should take good care of the metal frame.

    Immediately remove any sign of rust.

    Rust can grow worse and travel from one to another point of your radiator support. With this, you have to attend to the smallest sign of rust spot on the metal frame. Once you notice one, immediately apply rust treatment products. Radiator support replacement is quite expensive, so preventing damage on your current one is better than buying a new one.

    Paint your Volkswagen Jetta radiator support.

    Your radiator support is prone to corrosion and rust because it is exposed to vibrations and different elements from the engine and radiator. You can avoid these problems by protecting the metal frame with paint. This also provides a cleaner look for your engine bay because of the glossy or matte finish of the paint job. However, make sure to apply enough coat of primer to make the paint last.

    Regularly check the position of your radiator support.

    The brackets and bolts on your radiator support may come loose and cause misalignment of your radiator. In the long run, this state would stress and damage the radiator. You can avoid such problems by regularly checking the mounting brackets and bolts. You also have to check the position and condition of the metal frame.

    Drive safely.

    Careless driving would only lead to constant repairs of your car. Major problems with your Volkswagen Jetta radiator support arise when you drive without caution. The metal frame gets damaged whenever you drive through road bumps at high speed. Also, the most minor of collisions can cause bends and cracks because the radiator support is located in front of your car. With this, you may need to change the way you drive and become more conscious of your radiator support.