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Volkswagen Jetta Tail Light Assembly

Common Problems Encountered in Your Volkswagen Jetta Tail Light Assembly

To understand what tail lights do, you need to take a look at accidents. People get into accidents partly because of faulty tail lights--they don't know if the vehicle in front of them is coming to a stop or not. This is why it is important to keep your tail lights working. Here are a few problems that your tail light might experience as you drive along the road.

Bulbs have burned out

Tail lights have bulbs, and these have a tendency to burn out over time. There are many reasons why they constantly burn out. Some burn out because of a faulty wiring that delivers voltage improperly; others burn out because the bulb socket shorts-out and the voltage overloads. You should regularly check your bulbs for signs that they are about to burn out and you should fix your wiring before replacing them.

Burned out sockets

Sometimes the problem with tail light assemblies is with the bulb socket itself. Bulb sockets burn out because the voltage that reaches it is either over or under the regulated current or the assembly has bad wiring. Check your vehicle's wiring if you suspect that your bulb socket is burning out. You should replace the grounded wiring quickly to avoid any more problems.

Shorted fuse

A fuse acts as a voltage regulator for electrical parts. As fuses get older, problems like short circuits and overloading get more and more common. If your tail light doesn't light up as usual, you should check your fuse out for any problems. Usually, when a fuse burns out, your lights may not work. If this happens, you should replace your fuse with a new one to avoid further damage.

Other useful tips

You could take the bulb socket and the bulb off and check their connectors if there is nothing wrong with your tail light. Sometimes corrosion and rust can play a big part in making your electrical connections fail.

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  • Tips on Keeping Your Volkswagen Jetta Tail Light Assembly Working

    You avoid accidents everyday while traveling thanks to your tail lights. These tail lights provide safety for you and other drivers if they are working properly. Your tail lights warn the other driver behind you if you are stopping or have stopped. Broken tail lights do not only endanger you, but also the vehicle after you. To avoid this, here are some tips on how to keep your tail lights working:

    Clean your light bulb/socket contacts

    When you notice that your tail lights are not working, you usually blame the bulbs. Bulbs burn out because they become shorted or the wiring that is connecting them burned out. Still, you should check your socket contacts, to see if there is anything wrong. Contacts are often steel and they can corrode or rust. The rust prevents your bulb from making contact with the socket, and this makes your tail lights fail.

    Check your bulb

    Another thing that you can check out is your bulb. Bulbs do have a tendency not to work because they are burned-out, or they have already shorted out. A sign that your bulb is burnt out is when you see dark spots around the area near the bulb socket contact. If you notice anything like this, you should simply change out the bulb with an OE replacement.

    Pay attention to the wiring

    You should also check the wiring of your tail lights. These wiring could get tangled up, or they could get in contact with the metal body of your car. This produces a short-circuit that causes your tail lights to light up constantly, or to not work at all. If you notice that your tail light is doing one of these, take a look at your wiring. Replace any of the damaged wiring as soon as you can to stop the problem from growing further.

    Plug any leaks in your tail light assembly

    Tail light assemblies have a glass or plastic covering that could become cracked or damaged. If this happens to your tail light assembly, you should plug that crack up as soon as possible. Not only will it bring in dirt but also moisture, which could corrode your contacts.