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Volkswagen Jetta Vent Visor

Basic Volkswagen Jetta Vent Visor Maintenance Tips

Avent visormight only be an accessory but once it breaks down, it's going to be more work for you. Vent visors are cool car accessories that can be popped up on the lip of any car or truck's side and front windows. It provides a customized look and provides protection against outside elements such as glare, noise, and rain while driving at the same time. Most vent visors are easy to install, cheap and can last a long time. They are made of a durable plastic or acrylic, which allows them to withstand the harshest of the elements. But they will wear out eventually or might develop a crack because of blunt force. Nevertheless, you can follow these simple measures in order to make the vent visors last longer.

  • Repair. Don't replace.
  • Replacing a broken vent visor with a new one is still the best way to go. However, if you are looking for an alternative, stopgap solution, or just wanting to get the most out of your visors, repairing the cracked vent visor yourself will do the trick. Just remove the visors, locate the crack then apply a spray adhesive to seal the cracks and leaks together. Allow one to two hours to pass until you reattach them. Find a spray adhesive that's compatible with plastic or acrylic.

  • Scrub it clean.
  • Cleaning the vent visor will remove dirt, dust, pollen, grime, or dust that may scratch them and make them more susceptible to further damage. Use warm water, a soft cloth, and car soap to wash away all the unwanted materials on the visor's surface. For harder to clean materials, use a soft bristled brush and gently rub the build-up until it's soft to be swept away by water.

  • Finish with a dab of protectant.
  • Using protectants from brand-trusted names will put the finishing touches for maintaining your vent visors. Protectants keep the visors looking fresh always because it reflects harmful UV light that may cook and discolor the vent visors. Evenly distribute the protectant using an applicator then rub in a circular motion so that not part of the visor will be unprotected.

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