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Volkswagen Jetta Wheel

Wheels, the components that keep the car connected to the ground, is usually composed of a rim and a center member called a disc or spider. The rim does the job of supporting the tire while the spider significantly connects the vehicle with the rim. Vehicle wheels typically come in two types - the DC or Drop Center and the SDC or Semi Drop Center. The first type of wheel, which is the drop center wheel are designed for any kind of car and light trucks while the semi drop wheels are utilized only with large multi-ply, heavy-duty tires on most over-the-road trucks.

The wheels in your Volkswagen Jetta are the contraptions which propel the car forward. They usually allow low friction and they work with the vehicle's axle to be able to do their job rightfully. Aftermarket and custom Volkswagen Jetta wheels come in various materials, finishes and styles. If you want the easiest way to alter your car's appearance, try installing Volkswagen Jetta custom wheels. These customized wheels can be cast aluminum alloy, steel rim with cast aluminum alloy spider, or a two-piece steel wheel.

For you to get maximum on and off-road performance out of your new Volkswagen Jetta wheels, you need to consider some factors before purchasing. These include wheel capacity, wheel dimension and of course, proper offset. Just like tires, your Volkswagen wheels also have maximum load capacity and inflation. So any kind of Volkswagen wheels you install should carry greater load capacity and inflation capacity than the tires.

Another important factor is the size of the wheel. This can be determined via three measurements - the rim width, rim diameters and flange height. It is good to get replacement wheels that are of the same size as the original unit but if you want a different look, you can prefer larger wheels and tires. However, the general rule is: the tire and wheel combination is considered satisfactory if, when the tire is flat, no part of the underside of the vehicle touches the ground. This wheel and tire condition will help avoid a shower of sparks whenever a blowout happens.

It is also necessary to consider the offset of your replacement Volkswagen Jetta wheels. In case you don't know what offset is, this means the distance from the mounting face of the wheel spider to the rim centerline. For disc brake clearance or for handling characteristics, all vehicle wheels including Volkswagen Jetta wheels are made either positive, negative or zero offset. Wheel offset should not be increased with more than inch or tire width by 1 inch because it will surely cause problems.

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