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Volkswagen Jetta Window Motor

Problems Commonly Found in Volkswagen Jetta Window Motors

Power windows are already more than a necessity in today's world. When everything is fast paced and almost every day you need to multi-task, opening and closing your car windows are a breeze with these power windows. Window motors control the opening or closing of a power window. Take them away, and you have to crank these windows up or down; you're back to the times when car windows were a drag. Here are some problems that might make this happen to you:

Broken cables

It could happen. Your cables are either plastic and rubber, and over time, these materials can become brittle. Eventually, they will snap if this happens. While it may not cause you any kind of trouble when you're traveling, you may find that your window is not responsive and you cannot move it up or down. You should check your window motor often for signs that your cable is about to give up.

Grinding and rattling

You can listen for sounds that may suggest that your window motor is about to give way. Aside from an audible 'clunk' every time you open or close your window, there is a grinding and rattling sound when you open your window. This is because the window motor fails to regulate the opening of the window like it did before it broke down. You should pay attention to every detail that your window motor is giving you to avoid problems like this.

The fuse blows out

Power windows use electricity to open up and close all four windows of your car. This means that when wear and tear because of age sets in, they could fall victim to blown-out or shorted fuses. A sign that your fuse is not working is when your window fails to respond to the switch. If this happens, you should check to see which of the fuses are not working. You should replace them right away to avoid further problems.

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  • How to Keep Your Volkswagen Jetta Window Motor in Good Form

    Power windows helps motorists travel easily. Gone are the days when you had to crank your windows up and down just to open them. With just the push of a button, your window can open up. It is really convenient when working; however, if it breaks down, it becomes really annoying. Here are a few tips to keep your window motor from breaking down:

    Replace broken fuses

    A fuse helps your window motor to open/close a window. They are electrical parts, and being electrical parts, they are prone to being shorted out or fried. If you have a non-working window, you should check the fuse. There might be a fuse there (specifically the fuse connected to your window motor) that isn't working. If a fuse is the culprit, a simple change would make your window motor work again.

    Test the switches

    One of the easiest ways for you to figure out which window motor has a problem is to test your windows. You can test them one by one, or you can test them all by using the master switch, if your car has one. If you have tracked down the window with the problem, you should look inside for failing window motors and damages to its mechanism. You should replace any part as needed.

    Check the window motor

    You should keep an eye on your window motor. Sometimes, when a window won't open, the problem isn't with the parts but with the window motor itself. A defective window motor won't react no matter what you do. You should take a look at your window motor if your power window starts to show signs of failing.

    Other possible signs

    Your window motor could break down with age. You should inspect older, aged, or sticky windows on your old car. They are most susceptible to problems involving car windows.