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Volkswagen Jetta Window Regulator

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Problems in the Volkswagen Jetta Window Regulator

Lying at the heart of the Volkswagen Jetta power window system, the window regulator is a series of linkages that regulates or controls the rising and falling movement of the window pane in the driver's and passenger's side windows of the Jetta. Volkswagen has designed the window regulator to last years of use, but various factors such as stress and weather conditions will eventually cause the window regulator to wear out. In addition, damage from collisions can also cause the window regulator to malfunction. These signs of wear or damage vary widely, though the most common problems with the Volkswagen Jetta regulator include:

The window pane doesn't go all the way up or down

If the window pane does not completely close or open, there might be something that's obstructing the movement of the window regulator linkages. This problem often occurs during the winter months, as ice can build up and freeze the linkages of the regulator. In such cases the interior panel of the affected door will have to be removed and the obstruction taken out. In addition, there have also been instances where the joints in the window regulator have rusted, causing the window pane not to close or open fully. Lubricating or replacing the corroded joints often solves this problem.

The window pane is not moving when the power window is switched on

On the other hand, if the window pane is refusing to move even when the power window switch is turned on, the problem may be with a loose or broken window regulator cable or linkage or a burned-out window motor. If the power window switch is turned on but there's no sound coming from the motor, the window motor is likely to have burned out and needs replacing. On the other hand, if the switch is on, the motor is humming but the window pane isn't moving, the window regulator is likely to be the culprit. To solve this problem, the compromised cable or linkage of the window regulator must be repaired or replaced accordingly.

The power window is making a loud screeching noise

If the window pane moves with a screeching noise, the joints may have rusted and causing friction in between the two linkages. Cleaning the rusted joints and applying lithium grease on the affected linkages normally fixed this, although make sure to turn off the engine and detach the battery cables before doing so to prevent an electric shock.

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  • How to Maintain the Volkswagen Jetta Window Regulator 27 February 2013

    When it comes to maintaining the numerous parts of the Volkswagen Jetta, the window regulator is often the last thing on most people's minds; many don't even know what it is. A part of the Jetta's power window system, the window regulator controls the up and down movement of the driver's and passenger's side window. The Volkswagen Jetta window regulator is designed to last the live of the vehicle, but they can still succumb to wear, corrosion, and damage unless properly maintained. So in order to ensure continued long-term operation of the window regulator, simply follow these maintenance tips:

    Park your car inside during the winter.

    Though the Volkswagen Jetta is tough enough to spend the night outside even under harsh winter conditions, it is still preferable to have the vehicle parked inside a garage or an enclosed parking space. This is because ice can build up inside the window regulator assembly and obstruct the movement of its linkages. In addition, the condensation can cause the linkages to rust in the joints, leading to faulty regulator movement, screeching noises when raising or lowering the window, and, if left unattended, complete deterioration of the regulator assembly.

    Lubricate the linkages.

    Apply lubricant to the regulator linkages to protect them from rust and ensure smooth, noiseless operation of the power window. Lithium grease is recommended for this as they can be easily sprayed onto the linkages and can reach deep into the joints and gaskets.

    Regularly inspect the cables for wear.

    To save on weight, the window regulator in Volkswagen vehicles use thin, cables to help move the window panes to and from its position inside the car door. There have been some instances where the cable may jump off track and get damaged, which in turn might lead to the cable snapping off. Check if the cables are in the proper positions and check for any nicks or frays in the cable. Cables that exhibit even minor signs wear or damage are strongly recommended to be replaced. Even the slightest ding in the cable will get larger due to the constant tension it experiences and cause it to break apart.