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Volvo 850 Glove Box Latch

Fixing Faulty Volvo 850 Glove Box Latch

Over time, the Volvo 850 glove box latch, so as other mechanical parts of your vehicle, malfunctions. And when it does, you should know how to fix it. Here are the problems you will likely encounter with your glove latch box and the corresponding repair for each:

Glove box doesn't open

There's a quick fix for Volvo 850 glove box latch that doesn't open. If the handle is loose and doesn't return. Get a metal rod that is bent in such a way that it will catch the latch from the inside. The thickness of the rod should be enough to fit in the space between the dashboard and the glove box. The rod should also be strong enough that it can keep its shape. Insert the bent-end of the rod in the space and run it along the upper part of the glove box. Once the rod catches the latch, push it to release the glove box. Once the glove box is released, follow the guidelines below.

Glove box stays open

Remove the inner cover the expose internal mechanisms. Unscrew the latch. There are several things that can go wrong with your glove box latch: disconnected or worn out spring, faulty pins, and broken latch. If the problem is a worn out spring, replace the spring or the entire latch. If the latch is broken, the only way to repair it is to replace the latch. The point is, you'll easily know when to repair or replace the latch when you see it.

The key doesn't work

First, check if you are using the right key. Then check if the there's something in the keyhole that prevents the key from turning. Use a flashlight to visually check for foreign objects. Open the glove box and remove the inner cover to reveal the internal mechanisms. Check the lock for any damage or corrosion. Spray WD40 onto the lock. Replace the lock if necessary. If there's nothing wrong with any of this, look for other damage that affect how the key works. Repair as needed.

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