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Volvo 850 Tail Lights

Troubleshooting your Volvo 850 Tail Lights

Your Volvo 850 tail lights help warn drivers in trailing vehicles that you're about to stop or slow down. Thanks to these lights, you're able to avoid unwanted road accidents, most especially after sunset when road visibility is low. Tail lights can easily become damaged for several reasons. Fortunately for you, though, tail light damage is easy enough to diagnose and treat. In fact, repairing or replacing your busted tail light shouldn't be too costly. By ensuring you have working tail lights, you'll be able to enjoy safer driving and even avoid getting ticketed while you're at it.

Blown Bulbs

When only one tail light stops working, it's more than likely that your ride has a blown bulb. To check if your tail light bulb is broken, you'll have to remove it from the tail light for examination. For some vehicles, this process is fairly easy, as the light lens can be removed. If one of the filaments of the bulb is broken, then you'll need to have your bulb replaced.

Popped fuse

If your bulbs appear to be in good condition, then you'll want to check the fuse box. Open the fuse box panel, which is usually located underneath the steering wheel. Using a fuse puller, pull the fuse for the tail light and check it to see if it is popped. If it is, then you'll need to have it replaced to get your tail light working again. But if it isn't blown, then just return it to where it was.

Loose wiring

If neither your bulbs nor fuses prove to be the root of your tail light problem, then you should examine your wiring. Damaged or loose wiring could cause your tail light to malfunction, so check the wiring near the tail light and under the car for any signs of damage. It's also important that you make sure the internal surfaces are not corroded and that the wires are firmly connected. Also, don't forget to check the wiring harness. If it is pinches, cut, or damaged in any way, your light won't come on and you'll need to have it replaced immediately.

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  • Volvo 850 Tail Lights Maintenance Tips

    By having working Volvo 850 tail lights, you'll be able to avoiding traffic violations as well as unwanted road accidents. Unfortunately, tail lights can wear over time, resulting in dysfunctional lights. In addition to that, parking lot nicks and minor road mishaps can lead to a cracked or broken light. And without this component working like a charm, your road safety could seriously be compromised. So here are a few basic tips to help you take better care of your tail lights and prolong their practicality.

    Change bulbs regularly

    When the bulbs of your tail lights burn out, there's no need to replace the entire component; all you need to do is remove the dead bulb and replace it with a new one. Stock bulb life can vary depending on the type of bulb you're dealing with. By replacing the bulbs once they die, you'll be able to ensure consistent tail light performance.

    Clean them both inside and out

    By cleaning your tail light using water and cloth, you'll be able to provide better light projection for your vehicle, leading to safer driving. In addition to that, by getting rid of dirt and grime on your lights, you help keep them from cracking or becoming damaged. Cleaning the inside of your lights is also very important, but this can be a little bit trickier. As moisture, builds up in your tail light, it can form a thick and grimy substance that obstructs light projection and could lead to permanent component damage. Cleaning the inside of your tail light entails its removal from your vehicle and a thorough internal cleaning.

    Prevent moisture build up

    If you want to keep moisture from building up in your tail lights, then you should use Teflon tape to seal your lights against condensation. This may not be the most attractive solution, but it's effective nonetheless.

    Tip Check wiring

    Once in a while, check the wires of your tail light for any tearing or signs of damage. Once you spot potential problems in the wiring-loose connections and all-attend to them at once to keep your headlight working for an extended period of time.