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Volvo 940 Door Jamb Switch

How to Tell What is Causing Your Volvo 940 Door Jamb Switch Problems

Your Volvo 940 door jamb switch serves a very important security function. When you quickly close the door without bothering to check whether it's closed properly or not, the door jamb switch is there to help. It keeps the dome light on when it detects that your door is not properly closed. One more important function of the door jamb switch is to let you see inside the cabin by lighting it up when you open the door. When your door jamb switch fails, it can mean disaster for you. Here are some common problems with this car part and how to properly diagnose their causes:

Flickering interior lights

One of the common problems when it comes to door jamb switches is intermittent flickering of lights. One way to diagnose this correctly is to check if the door jamb switches are maladjusted. You will need to take apart a portion of the door, along with screws and an access plate, to access the door jamb switch. Check for rust, corrosion, or simply lack of lubrication on each of the door locks. These factors cause the door jamb switch to go out of adjustment. A few sprays of WD-40 will help lubricate the doors' locking mechanism and should fix the problem. In other cases, the defective switches may require replacement because they are self-adjusting. It will be necessary to run wiring to the door. Note that before doing anything on the door panels, power should be cut to the circuit for safety.

Interior lights stay on

Some car models may have lights that stay on for a short period of time after the door is closed to provide ambient safety lighting for car occupants. However, it usually is a symptom of a bigger problem when lights don't shut off immediately after the door is closed. When this happens, you need to check and isolate which door is causing the problem. You can start doing this by turning on the ignition switch and rolling down your windows. Open and close each door and listen to the sounder-hearing it means the door switch is good.

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  • Keeping Your Volvo 940 Door Jamb Switch in Top Shape

    Have you ever wondered how the dome light switches on and off automatically when you enter and exit your vehicle? Well, a Volvo 940 door jamb switch installed on each door panel does that job for you. It turns on the light when you open your door, acting both as a signal light and as an ambient safety light. It turns off the interior lights when you close your door, signaling that you have safely locked your vehicle. Over time, a door jamb switch may fail. However, there are some maintenance steps you can follow to make the switch last as long as its indicated service life. We have listed some here to help you get the most out of one of your car's most important electrical components:

    Clean the connections on the back side of the switch.

    When you get the chance to clean your car's components-especially the ones inside the door panel-don't forget to clear the door jamb switch's connections of dust and grime. Over time, if your switch's wires accumulate dirt, they may become corroded and will work intermittently. More serious damage may even cause the switch to stop working. A little WD-40 will help lubricate the door lock mechanism-a component that is directly connected to the door jamb switch.

    Make sure you crimp the switch's wires properly.

    Crimping wires is probably one of the most overlooked safety steps in auto repair. Some DIYers might forgo arranging the wires properly after making sure that they have followed the wiring diagram correctly. Wires, however, also need to be crimped. Not only does it keep your wiring orderly, it also prevents the risk of your electrical system going haywire. Crimp the wires coming from the switch and make sure they are held together or attached to the door panel by electrical tape.

    Make sure the screws fit tightly when replacing a door jamb switch.

    A stock door jamb switch is not meant to last for a long time. Sooner or later, you'll have to replace it with a new one. When you do, make sure that the screws that keep the switch in place fit tightly. A loose switch might not immediately cause problems, but it will start acting up when its wires are constantly being pulled away from the door panel. This can cause intermittent flickering of the interior lights.