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Volvo 960 Door Handle

The Volvo 960 Door Handle Diagnosis Corner

The Volvo 960 door handle is one of the simplest and least complicated pieces of your vehicle, but that should not mean you are going to put less effort in taking care of it. In fact, a broken car door handle will cause a great amount of stress for the driver, since you are going to have a hard time getting inside. Thus, to prevent looking like an idiot because you are rampaging against a car door, then you need to learn the symptoms or door handle problems. Here are two very common signs of door handle troubles, and the causes behind each of them:

Stuck door handle

A sign of a problematic door handle, particularly the exterior, is when you try to open it, but it just would not budge a single bit. When the car part is practically immobile, then the environment might have played a part in this. Check if there is any indication of rust, for it plays a huge part in your door handle's functionality issue. If the corrosion is too severe, then the small components that make the car door handle move will get stuck. This case is very apparent when the door handle is made of metal, so be extra careful if that is the case. Your driving area is also a great factor in determining your car handle's condition. If you live in a rainy or dust-heavy place, then the probability of this problem increases. The best method of detecting this problem is by simply checking if the part is lubricated well on a regular basis.

Jammed door handle

The other sure sign of a faulty door handle is when it is jammed. A jammed door handle is defined by it being able to move, but cannot open the door. If this is the case for you, then think back and remember if you vehicle has experienced any bumps, or if the whole door itself is showing any signs of cracking. These kinds of damage do not look like a big deal at first, but if left unchecked, the damage could reach the lock mechanisms, which could then come off on the inside.

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  • Volvo 960 Door Handle Maintenance Made Easy

    Access to the interior of your Volvo 960 is nearly impossible when you have a broken door handle, unless of course you would like looking like a thief, breaking the windows and such. In order to keep your door handles working perfectly, constant maintenance must be applied, as with any other car part. Here are some easy maintenance tips for you to follow:

    Lubricate door handles regularly.

    A usual problem when it comes to car door handles is when they seem to either get stuck or become really tough to budge. The root of the matter is the rust slowly taking over the metal parts of your vehicle. Proper and regular lubrication is thus vital to keep the car part functioning constantly well. When doing this maintenance procedure, check the manual if you need to remove the door handle first. It is possible for the door handle to have a modification wherein it is very easy to lubricate it, and there are set-ups where you are doing practically car surgery. So double-check the steps need to be done first, as the actual lubrication part is pretty much straightforward.

    Check for signs of damage.

    When doing your inspections, take note of cracks and dents not just on the door handle area, but on the entire door itself. Small cracks may not look much, but looking at them from the interior of the door show a different story. This minute damage could slowly inch its way to the door handle. When it does get there, the mechanism could get dislocated and prevent you from accessing the inside of your car. So when you do see these come up, be prepared to patch them up as soon as possible.

    Clean door handles thoroughly.

    Keeping them clean and sparkling not only makes your vehicle look good, but it also prevents corrosion from forming, especially if you have a metallic door handle. Always wipe them thoroughly with a clean rag and warm water mixed with detergent. Never do your cleaning with any sort of abrasive material, as those could actually rub off the protective coating the part has.