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Volvo S40 Car Bra

Common Reasons behind Volvo S40 Car Bra Problems

Your Volvo S40's car bra, an equipment meant for both safety and style, is a good addition to protect your auto's paint job. Even though a car bra is built to protect the car's coating, it can cause damage if it is poorly maintained. If you suspect defects, then better troubleshoot before it gets worse. Here are a few symptoms you may have to watch out for when you're looking for a defective car bra.

Damaged paint job under the bra

A damaged paint job could be a result of improper installation or maintenance. Other times, the car bra may have simply aged, and it might cause unusual stains on the auto's hood. This instance often occurs when the car bra is left unwashed for a long period of time. Aside from improper washing, lack of drying time may have also been the reason behind a damaged paint job. It's a good thing for you though, that diagnosing and addressing this problem is easy and trouble-free. A replacement should do good or you may also apply a new paint coating to the vehicle.

Too tight or too saggy car bra fitting

A saggy car bra is a result of improper fitting or a flawed design. This is also the case with tight car bras. You see, car bras are mostly designed to go custom-fit. This is to keep the equipment precisely tight. You may have also noticed that they are especially tight during the first installation. This is because they are made of heavy duty vinyl material. Experts advise that you equip them on a warm day. In fact, leaving the car bra under the sun for around 20 minutes helps in installation. If your car bra still does not fit your Volvo, then the manufacturers may have shipped you a different design. Luckily, most manufacturers have a return procedure policy to address this issue.

Presence of molds and mildew

Failing to remove the car bra after getting wet can result to molds and mildew. In fact, the place where you dry the part is also important. If you are leaving the car bra to dry in a dark and damp place, then it is more prone to molds and mildew. The trapped moisture may even result to rusting and corrosion. It's a good thing that they are easily addressed once the fungi are detected.

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  • Ways in Keeping Your Volvo S40 Car Bra in Good Condition

    There are many ways to protect the hood and front end of your vehicle. A good and affordable addition is a car bra. This aftermarket installation is primarily designed to keep your front bumper protected from bugs and road debris. It is also a good equipment to prevent damage to your paint job. But, with constant exposure to damaging elements, the car bra will eventually find the end of its service life. If you want to prevent its premature wear and tear, then here are a few notes to follow in performing a Volvo S40 car bra maintenance:

    Know what type of car bra to equip.

    If you want specific benefits for your auto, then you should at least spend some time in researching the specific car bra type that you need. Some of the most common types include a clear bra and magnetic car bra. You can buy conventional car bras, but these types are not well-crafted when it comes to water and road grit resistance. Clear bras are a little more expensive, but they are more fancied by style-oriented drivers. For owners looking for a low-maintenance car bra, then a magnetic car bra is the most ideal. They are mostly designed for custom fit and built for aerodynamic purposes.

    Clean the car bra while it is equipped to your auto.

    With a damp rag, wipe any signs of dirt and debris off of your auto. This procedure is performed before the actual scrubbing so that unwanted particles are easily removed. Once done, soak the scrub brush in warm, soapy water before firmly brushing the car bra in circular motions. Afterwards, rinse the part with a wet sponge. Make sure that there are no soap bubbles left.

    Remove the car bra from the vehicle after it was washed.

    It is also important to remove the car bra and wash the underside. Failing to do so might cause damage to the car's paint job.

    Allot time for car bra drying after it was washed.

    To prevent mold and mildew build up, allot time for the car bra to dry before placing it back on your auto.