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Volvo S40 Wiper Blade

If there is a component that is set apart the integral systems of a Volvo S40, unless winter or rainy days come, it's the windshield wiper. We can't deny the fact that they're almost of no use during the two other seasons and is just folded well in the cowl. Since, there's little possibility for rainwater, moist and or snow to impair the road visibility.

Volvo S40 windshield wiper is the system that takes responsibility of wiping away dirt, mud, moist, water, snow and other foreign components that are stuck onto the windshield and blocks the sight. In operation, the Volvo S40 windshield switch stirs the windshield motor to start up the operation. And then, the other windshield wiper parts follow, including the relay control, relay coil, relay armature, electric washer pump, wiper arms, wiper gear unit assembly and wiper blade. Each of them has specific roles in efficiently carrying out the job to provide clear visibility even in the harshest weather condition.

For maximum performance, the Volvo S40 can make use of the windshield washer reservoir. This feature spits liquid that has detergent component unto the windshield to help clear blurredness. By pushing a certain button, the reservoir automatically discharges the fluid. Held by the Volvo S40 windshield wiper arms, the wiper blade will subsequently spread it by running back and forth in a delayed motion. Volvo models that came out the assembly plant without this item can be retrofitted with aftermarket Volvo windshield wiper reservoir supplied by different auto product distributors.

A vehicle may feature one to three windshield wipers. The two wipers are installed on the front windshield and the third one to the rear window. Vans are usually the ones that get three standard wipers, while sedans like Volvo S40 are given one or two, depending on the styling concept.

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