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Volvo S60 Splash Shield

Common Issues with a Volvo S60 Splash Shield

Your Volvo S60 splash shield is designed for one thing: to protect your car's brakes against corrosion. Made from high-quality materials such as steel, plastic, and fiberglass, it can prevent corrosive substances like mud and water from contaminating your brake discs. Aside from protecting your car's brakes, splash shields can also help dissipate heat from the rotors, improving the airflow around it. But just like any auto part, they are also prone to wear. Once they show signs of damage, it's time to do some troubleshooting. Below are some of the common problems with a Volvo S60 splash shield:

Rough and unusual noises

These could be the result of a damaged splash shield. Road debris like pebbles or small rocks can start hitting the brake rotors and wheel wells of your car. These can rough up the rotors, pads, and calipers, damaging them permanently. When this happens, check the splash shield for signs of cracks or holes. Once you've located these signs of damage, remove the splash shield and repair the damage. Plastic resin and epoxy fillers can be used to fix the cracks and holes. If the damage is too extensive, it's better to purchase a new part for your car.

Holes and cracks

These common signs of physical damage are the leading causes of premature brake wear on most cars. Depending on your driving habits, cracks and holes are caused by driving through rough roads or terrains. Since most of these splash shields are made from ABS plastic, they will get damaged over time. Epoxy resin putty is a good choice to temporarily fix the small cracks and holes. Put a liberal amount on the damaged area and let it cure overnight. Once it's dry, you may also spray a coat of paint over it.

Rust and corrosion

If you start to notice signs of rust and corrosion on your car's brake calipers and rotors, you may need to replace the splash shield. Damage and wear can render a splash shield useless; replacing it with a newer one is highly recommended.

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  • Keeping the Volvo S60 Splash Shield in Excellent Condition

    Protecting the brake rotor components from ground dirt and water, the Volvo S60 splash shield keeps rust at bay. Manufactured from the toughest materials, it can withstand any corrosive substances the road can throw at you. Aside from being important safety features, splash shields also help dissipate heat from your rotors by allowing air to properly flow around it. If you want to keep your car's brake system in tip top condition, proper splash shield maintenance is the key. To help you out, here are some tips to keep it in excellent condition:

    Always clean it.

    Keeping your car's splash shield clean is really important. Since it's located near the wheels and brake discs, mud and dirt can easily accumulate on it. Accumulated dirt and mud can contribute to the shield's wear and damage. To effectively remove mud, and other road debris, spray your wheels with water until the debris falls off. You can also mix car shampoo and water when cleaning the part. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly to expose any hidden cracks or holes on the splash shield. Allow the area to dry completely before taking your car for a drive.

    Repair holes and cracks.

    Surface fractures, dings, holes, or even dents should be repaired immediately. Fractures and holes can allow water to seep through the brake rotors, affecting their performance. This also leads to corrosion over time. Dents and dings on the other hand, can lead to larger cracks if left unattended. The best way to fill fractures and holes is to use resin or epoxy fillers on the affected area. Dents and dings can be repaired by apply heat on them, via a blow drier or heat gun. A rubber mallet can also get it back to shape once it's heated.

    Replace all broken parts or pieces.

    Now, if your car's splash shield is already beyond repair, the best thing that you can do is to replace it with a brand new one. It's not good practice to ignore a broken part. Broken car parts will only lead to expensive repair bills and headaches. Replace all broken splash shields and just buy a new one.