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Brake pads are like the superheroes of your car's braking system. Just think of what Spiderman did in one movie scene where he exerted all his efforts in trying to stop a derailed and speeding train from completely falling off a broken railroad track that are miles above the ground. He maxed out his entire strength, but managed to stop the train and saved a lot of people in the process. Yes, that's pretty much the scene you should think of when it comes to the brake pad on your wheels so you'll be able to appreciate this part more. To apply superhero strength on your braking system, choose Wagner when replacing or upgrading your brake components. The company is the 'World Leader in Friction', and has a comprehensive line of brake pads that applies the best friction program for maximum stopping ability.

The brand is an expert on anything and everything that is related to a car's brake system. Rotors, drums, brake shoes, hydraulics-all of these parts are under the Wagner brake division. You can basically do a complete overhaul of your braking system using the brand's full product line in order to boost the braking efficiency of your engine. How about taking out those old brake pads and replacing it with a Wagner brake pad set instead? You'll be able to experience the Spiderman effect whenever you engage the brakes and you'll be able to enjoy a more responsive system that reacts to even the smallest pressure from your foot.

How do these brake pads work by the way? These are actually the ones responsible for creating the frictional force that is required to be able to stop your car whenever the brakes are applied. The pads are sandwiched in the middle of the brake rotors and calipers, so they're basically squeezed frequently for optimum heat and energy absorption. This part also provides the necessary grip that can stop your wheels from turning.