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Automobiles were first invented to have easier means of transportation. Owning a car is not just about luxury or having a status symbol, but it's all about convenience and comfort. Imagine braving a heavy downpour on your way to work. It's definitely not the easiest thing to do, and you won't look presentable for work either with your muddy shoes and rain-soaked suit. A car gives you all the comfort and convenience you won't find in a crowded subway station or bus. But what if your vehicle's A/C system suddenly malfunctions? That's like taking away your riding comfort, big time. A vehicle won't be complete without a proper A/C system. When the heat strikes, better call on Borg Warner to ease up your situation and bring the cool air back.

The company was founded in 1928 and is now considered as one of the top manufacturers of automotive solutions, especially clutch systems. If you want an efficient air conditioning system in your car, a Borg Warner A/C clutch is highly recommended. The brand is known for using cutting-edge technology and has already gained worldwide recognition when it comes to manufacturing products for the transmissions and all-wheel drive systems, like one-way clutches, electro-hydraulic control components, turbochargers, friction materials, and engine valve timing system components. Warner even ventured recently into the ignition interlock technology field to further diversify its scope of business.

The company's current sales record has already reached over $5.65 billion, and its market growth shows no signs of stopping down, especially with its 17,500 skilled staff working together to continuously craft the most innovative automotive parts. Warner currently has over 60 offices and facilities in more than 17 countries worldwide. Each location manufactures and ships OEM and aftermarket parts to a trusted network of distributors, most of which are located in the United States. So once your A/C system goes bad, the brand will be able to take care of it for you immediately using its high-end components.