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Washer Pump

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Experiencing blurred vision during driving doesn't necessarily mean that your eyesight's deteriorating. Your vehicle's windshield might just be so dusty that you can no longer clearly see the road ahead. So why prolong the agony when the solution's easy? Clean the windshield! And to make sure that you can do that quickly, keep your vehicle's washer pump in good shape. When the washer pump fails, the windshield washer fluid isn't sent through the nozzle and onto the windshield. The wipers, in turn, can't completely clean the windshield of dirt and grime. Sure, you can manually clean the windshield using a hose and some soapy water container. But why make things harder for yourself when it only takes a matter of minutes to browse our catalog and find your vehicle's next washer pump? Here at Carparts, high-quality parts are sold much cheaper too!

• Efficiently pumps washer fluid through the washer nozzles

• Direct-fit replacement

• Durable enough for years of frequent use