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Water Temp Sensor

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Watch any motor racing event and you'll notice something out of the ordinary-the fastest drivers look as though they're running slow. Well, as an old racer's adage goes, the fastest drivers are the smoothest.They're also the coolest. To be a winner, you've got to have patience and an ice-cold temper. The same goes for your car's engine. That's what the water temp. sensor is for. The water temperature sensor keeps tabs on the cooling system to make sure things don't get too hot in the engine bay.Whether you're driving an old-school or a high-tech car, the sensor's function remains the same-to switch the cooling fan on and off. It's that simple. If your car's engine overheats because of the cooling fan not running, the water temp. sensor has probably failed.But don't worry. Carparts has more than enough water temperature sensors ready for your vehicle.

• Helps the engine cooling system work more efficiently

• Keeps overheating and engine damage at bay

• Our water temp. sensors are available for all engine types