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Raindrops seeping into your vehicle's cabin even though the windows are completely rolled up? Your vehicle's weatherstrips may already be too worn to function. A weatherstrip is the strip of black rubber commonly attached along the edges of your vehicle's window and windshield frames. Weatherstrips are handy in preventing water and dirt from entering through gaps between the frame and the glass. And aside from keeping rainwater outside your vehicle, weatherstrips are designed to prevent window rattling and noise, too. So to avoid all these problems, make sure that the frames of your windows, windshield and doors are securely weather-stripped. Should you need a new weatherstrip to replace your stock, Carparts is here to help. We stock weatherstrips for windows, doors, front and rear windshields for various vehicle makes and models.

• Seals the gaps between glass and frames

• Prevents moisture and noise from entering the vehicle's interior

• Installs easily

Weatherstrip Articles

  • Metro Moulded vs. Precision Parts: Which Weatherstrip Brand Offers Better Protection?

    Protecting your car's interior from the harsh elements outside greatly depends on the quality of your weatherstrip. It may seem like a simple car component, but your car's weatherstrip is what keeps your interior safe from getting soaked when it rains. It also prevents dust and dirt from getting inside your car by keeping the doors and windows sealed. With the wide range of weatherstrips available, choosing the best one for your car can be a tough challenge. That is why we have picked two of the top brands of weatherstrip in the market to see which one offers better protection.

    Quality and performance

    The Metro Moulded weatherstrip is made from a soft but durable sponge rubber material that features a micro-closed cell structure and a self-molded skin to ensure even compression and sealing. The Precision Parts weatherstrip is also made from strong and high-quality automotive-grade rubber material. This rubber material was molded on a steel base to stop water from leaking inside the vehicle. We've tried both brands of weatherstrips on our Honda Civic and both did great jobs in keeping the doors and windows sealed. Both brands were able to prevent wind whistles and rattles as well.

    WINNER: Metro Moulded and Precision Parts

    Fit and installation

    Both brands of weatherstrip were also easy and quick to install. The Metro Moulded weatherstrip was designed to meet and match OEM standards for the perfect fit. It also came with the necessary clips for easy installation. The Precision Parts weatherstrip also featured an easy clip-on installation so that's why we didn't have a hard time putting it on our vehicle.

    WINNER:Metro Moulded and Precision Parts


    When it comes to quality, performance, and ease of installation, both Metro Moulded and Precision Parts did great when we tried them on our vehicle. The only difference between the two brands is the warranty period. The Metro Moulded weatherstrip offers a 15-year limited warranty, while Precision Parts offers a 1-year warranty only. If you want to save up from frequently replacing your car's weatherstrip, you may want to go for the brand that offers a longer warranty period.

    WINNER: Metro Moulded

    The verdict

    Both brands of weatherstrips were made of high-quality materials and were able to provide maximum protection from harsh elements. And since we are trying to find out which weatherstrip provides better protection, we can conclude that both Metro Moulded and Precision Parts can provide the right protection that you need for your car.

  • How to Install Weatherstrip

    Your vehicle's weatherstripping is what prevents the rain water and cold air from entering your car and messing things up inside. Because it is placed along the doors and windows of your vehicle, getting your weatherstrip worn out and damaged cannot be avoided. It may come off eventually due to the constant opening and closing of your car's doors and windows. To avoid water and dirt from getting inside your vehicle, replace broken weatherstripping immediately. Replacing a car's weatherstrip can be as easy as following these simple steps.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials

      New weatherstrip


      Flathead screwdriver

      Putty knife

      Acetone and rag

      Masking tape

    Removing the old weatherstripping

    Before putting on your new weatherstrip, make sure that you have properly removed the old one. Pull off your worn out and damaged weatherstrip slowly with pliers. Don't forget to scrape off the excess weatherstrip and adhesive with a flatheat screwdriver or a plat putty knife.

    Applying the new weatherstrip

    Carefully apply the adhesive of the new weatherstrip and allow it to dry for at least ten minutes. You may also apply a coat of adhesive on the weatherstrip and another coat on the spot where it will be placed. After 10 minutes of drying up the adhesive, you may now carefully position the new weatherstrip on your car's doors and windows.

    Letting the new weatherstrip dry

    Once you have positioned your new weatherstrip, push and hold it into place firmly. You may also put masking tape around the newly installed weatherstrip to keep it secure while drying. Drying time usually depends on the kind of adhesive used, so make sure that the adhesive has completely dried up before removing the tape. Do the same thing with the other doors and windows that need new weatherstrips.

    Tips and warnings

    Make sure that the area has been thoroughly cleaned before installing a new weatherstrip. You may clean it with an acetone cleaner on a rag to remove residue from the old weather strip and to prepare the surface for the new weatherstrip.

    Weatherstrips come in different styles but if you want your car's weatherstrip to last for a long time, then you should avoid getting ones that are made from foam or felt. These kinds of weatherstrips wear out easily and quickly.

  • Metro Moulded vs. Fairchild Industries: The Battle of Weatherstrips

    To protect your vehicle's interior from rain and moisture, it is equipped with weatherstrips. Made from automotive-grade rubber, these strips are installed along the doors and windows, and they form tight seals to block water and air. Because of their importance, Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded, two of the prominent manufacturers today, are making various kinds of weatherstrips that boast different features. So you will get the best part for your vehicle, check this guide out for the pros and cons of Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded.

    Product range

    Both Metro Moulded and Fairchild Industries manufacture weatherstrips that can be installed on the driver and passenger side, trunk, and cowl.

    WINNER: Metro Moulded and Fairchild Industries


    The weatherstrips produced by Metro Moulded have prices ranging between 4 to as much as 453 USD. On the other hand, those manufactured by Fairchild Industries cost about 4 to 203 USD. However, take note that these prices vary depending on quantity sold.

    WINNER: Fairchild Industries


    When it comes to warranty, unlike Fairchild Industries, Metro Moulded manufacture weatherstrips that are covered by a 15-year warranty plan.

    WINNER: Metro Moulded

    Ease of installation

    To compare Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded in terms of ease of installation, we equipped them on our 2007 Nissan 350Z. Both weatherstrips were installed hassle-free using a screwdriver, and they fit our Nissan well. They also form tight seals, so you don't have to worry that they might fall unexpectedly after some time.

    WINNER: Metro Moulded and Fairchild Industries


    Appearance-wise, both weatherstrips from Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded suit our Nissan 350z well. Their black and rubber finish went well with our vehicle's light paint job. However, if you have not installed a weatherstrip before, you might have problems with how some parts of these weatherstrips from these manufacturers do not exactly line up with the doors.

    WINNER: Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded

    The verdict

    Based on the different criteria discussed above, both Metro Moulded and Fairchild Industries manufacture good and reliable weatherstrips. However, before making your purchase, carefully consider all features so that you will get the best deal for you and your vehicle.