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Bug Shield by Weathertech

Block those splattering bugs and keep those flying stones from damaging your vehicle with WeatherTech's Easy-On Stone and Bug Deflector. When you're careening down the highway at upwards of 60 mph, the slightest piece of kicked-up debris can significantly scratch or scar the hood of your car. The Stone & Bug Deflector is a simple solution to avoid this.

Outfit your car with this unobtrusive deflector for maximum results. Manufactured with a minimalist and elegant profile, the Easy-On provides a simple aerodynamic design that effectively repels rocks and bugs out of the path of your car. Constructed from an innovative aerospace-grade acrylic, the Easy-On stands up to the harshest of conditions and is extremely scratch resistant. Plus, the appealing dark gray color is guaranteed to never fade, so you get a long-lasting, appealing accent for your vehicle.

The Easy-On lives up to its name with incredibly easy installation. In as little as ten minutes, the deflector can be attached to most SUVs, trucks, minivans and cars using a simple 3M®-brand automotive adhesive tape or fasteners that can exploit existing holes in the car's exterior. This means no drilling or other heavy-duty installation.

The deflector includes a full-coverage design that works to adequately deflect all kinds of flying debris. Tested in wind tunnels and engineered through Computer-Aided Design, the deflector has been systematically proven to be effective. Keep your car looking good-as-new by eliminating those ugly bug splatters and damaging paint scratches with this simple, effective, low-profile product.

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