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Easy-On Stone and Bug Deflector by Weathertech

A Complete Guide to your WeatherTech Easy-On Stone & Bug Deflector

When you're driving down the road and you feel like you're going through a fog of road debris, loose pebbles, and flying bugs, you know it's about time you get a suitable stone and bug deflector for your vehicle. WeatherTech provides you with the best solution when it comes to those annoying critters and stones. But with its diverse product line, how do you know which one is best fit for your vehicle and driving lifestyle? To figure that out, we've broken down the key features of each of the products it offers.

WeatherTech Easy-On Stone & Bug Deflector - Plastic

  • What makes them awesome: One of the most attractive qualities of a plastic WeatherTech Easy-On stone & bug deflector is its mass. It's material makes this bug shield a lightweight add-on to any vehicle. Although it doesn't add much when it comes to your car's overall weight, this bug shield adds significant protection to your car's hood and windshield. It is also relatively durable and can last longer than normal bug deflectors. It's plastic construction also allows better customization as it can easily be painted on with the use of additional primers.

  • Where it fits: The plastic WeatherTech Easy-On stone & bug deflector is designed to fit most vehicles. Its snap-on and no-drill installation is a testimony of how well this part will fit your car.

WeatherTech Easy-On Stone & Bug Deflector - Acrylic

  • What makes them awesome: Auto parts that are made of acrylic plastic tend to be easier to maintain. That is why the WeatherTech Easy-On acrylic stone and bug deflector can give your vehicle just that-a lightweight shield for your vehicle's hood. Although it may provide more bulk to your car's front end, this acrylic deflector lends toughness and a longer lasting service life needed for a part that is meant to protect your car. This WeatherTech Easy-On stone & bug deflector is made of aerospace-grade acrylic, which is virtually indestructible and extremely scratch resistant. It can also resist weathering while protecting the part's color and finish. The material's optical clarity remains transparent and will not turn yellow over time. This ensures that the deflector will not stick out like a sore thumb even after years of use.

  • Where it fits: Because of its non-wrap, aerodynamic design, this acrylic WeatherTech Easy-On stone & bug deflector is a direct-fit on almost all kinds of vehicles. It clips on and fits so seamlessly without the need for any modifications.

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