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Weber carburetors provide increased fuel efficiency in addition to give your vehicle better throttle response.

Carburetors by Weber are highly customizable and can be calibrated to suit almost any application.

Weber produces only the finest quality carbs right here in the United States.

If you are looking to add horsepower, increase torque, or just add some flare to your engine, look for a quality Weber carb.

Weber DGV and DFV series carbs are a great entry level carburetors designed to be easy to install, maintain, and configure. They are a downdraft 2-barrel, progressive design that is highly versatile and adaptable. Despite being very economical, they are packed with the latest technology and features that you need. These carbs are perfect for long, sustained high output situations. This is due to the newly designed accelerator pump circuitry. This circuitry, along with a new power valve circuit facilitates running in low vacuum conditions, which is exactly what happens when you need a large power output for a long period of time. This all equates to a larger power band where you will be able to get increased horsepower. In addition to this increased horsepower, you will also get a more detailed throttle response. As if this weren't enough, for you diesel owners there is even more. These series feature an ICU (integral idle cut-off unit). This unit solves the problem of diesel engines that will not shut off even after the engine is turned off. This is accomplished by shutting off the fuel supply to the idle circuit when the engine is turned off. All in all, if you are looking or a quality carburetor that will deliver high output for sustained periods of time, you'll be hard pressed to find a better part than the DGV and DFV series from Weber. DGEV series casting numbers are as follows: 22680033B, 18930032, 22680172, 22680160 and 18930020. Some of the DGAV series casting numbers are 22680051B and 22680033B. Number 18930020 is from the DGES series.

Looking for a high quality, all-out-performance carburetor? Weber IDF and DCOE series are designed for those looking to squeeze as much power from their engine as possible. Quality constructed right here in the United States, these are the pinnacle of performance carburetors. These carbs offer full calibration capabilities, a central float chamber, and a special alloy throttle body that comes in many sizes and is designed to fit a variety of applications. One of the best features these carbs have is the full ball bearing throttle shafts. The use of ball bearings reduces performance-robbing friction and leads to a great increase in horsepower, torque, and throttle response. Due to the reduction in friction, less energy is also wasted in the form of useless heat. This reduction in in heat will create less wear and tear and can even prolong the life of your engine. When you weigh the performance and reliability gains from using a Weber carb against the initial investment cost, the result is tough to beat. As if that wasn't enough, the DCOE series has a long Grand Prix heritage. You can rest assured that these carburetors have been thoroughly test and are ready for full race use. With the XE upgrade kit, you're current IDF or DCOE series carb can be modified to handle extreme environmental conditions. Several of the IDF casting numbers are as follows: 18950138, 19003021, 15290035, 15290027, and 18990030. Some, but not all, of the DCOE casting numbers are 19550174, 22680005, and 19600060.

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