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Believed to be the greatest invention of human civilization, the wheel has build nations with its vital role in influencing the growth of industries and flourishing of many cultures. In the automotive arena, wheels are not merely requirements for a vehicle but must-haves to enhance performance, looks and safety for the passengers.
There are many considerations to be accounted for when it comes to wheels such as dimensions, type and material catering to different needs of a vehicle owner. Basically, there are two types of wheels namely: stamped sheet metal and machine casting wheels. Cast alloy wheels like the aluminum wheels are lighter, firmer and costlier than stamped sheet metal wheels. Most common wheels on the streets today are the massed-produced and cheaper steel wheels for their various functions. But when it comes to handling abilities, alloy wheels have the edge as they minimize the vehicle's unsprung weight. They also have the ability to withstand heat from brake pads.
Today, wheels have become sophisticated with so much investment allotted for them. Custom after-market wheels, or rims, have become a status symbols for urban dwellers. The rims have become very much customized that they so have so many specifications. With its signature "sparkling" look, Some chrome rims include "spinners, " or bearing-mounted, free spinning discs which keep on rotating via inertia after the vehicle is stopped.
Most often, custom rims are either larger or smaller than the stock wheel mounted in the vehicle. Diameters of these rims range from 18" to up 30" depending on the type of the vehicle. Sparkling chrome rims represent the lifestyle and comfort of a vehicle owner for all to see.

Wheel Articles

  • Alloy Wheels: The Pros & Cons

    Let your sleek ride turn heads on- and off-roads with a good-looking, performance alloy wheel.
    Sure, you got a head-turning auto packed with everything you need to endure long driving expeditions. But are you sure you’re not missing on something like… um, have you ever considered replacing its wheels with better ones? Well, your car is sure to look flawless with a complete alloy wheel set and slim tires. Aside from the gorgeous shiny looks, alloy wheels also guarantee optimum durability and higher carrying capacity. They, too, prevent brake failures as they efficiently conduct heat prevalent in the brakes. This is best especially if you use your car in racing and other demanding situations.
    An alloy wheel is made from highly reliable metals like aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. It has lighter weight and higher heat conductivity, and is more practical since it also improves vehicle style. With a set of alloy wheels, there’s no need for wheel covers to hide ugly wheel details. While alloy wheels are priced higher than steel wheels, repairing them when damaged costs less. The repair is a little difficult though, especially if the wheels are bent or a bit crumpled due to their ductility, but they can still be refurbished to appear like brand-new.
    The only setback of owning alloy wheels is the wheels’ susceptibility to galvanic corrosion, a common condition that happens when the wheels are often immersed in electrolytes like salt or acid. Cleaning them every after your drive prevents this problem, though. So consider getting a set of alloy wheels and get those old wheels discarded.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Wheel

    Low-quality wheels affect vehicle safety and ride performance. So make sure your vehicle's wheels are top-notch to make sure you are safe while driving.
    As we know, going from one place to another is now easier with modern automobiles. Trips that used to take days and even weeks now only take hours or minutes. And, of course, you know what's probably one of the most important parts of a car, don't you? That's right, the wheel-every piece of it. There are two kinds of wheels in your vehicle: the car wheels and the steering wheel.
    No car is complete without the wheels, because as we know, they're like our legs-they allow the car to move. They're also the most easily noticeable parts of the car. That's why many car owners choose to replace this part to give their ride a new look. Bigger car wheels give a more dynamic, edgy, and imposing look, thus they often get second glances from other drivers and passersby as well. Others, though, prefer smaller car wheels with pimped-up hubs. But you know what's more interesting? It's the fact that your car wheels are controlled by another wheel: the steering wheel. This wheel is used for maneuvering the wheels. Since these parts are interconnected, they must be maintained in their excellent shape at all times to ensure an efficient performance.
    Don't neglect your vehicle's wheels. Because without them, you car is as good as a pile of junk. So once damaged, replace them immediately.

  • Wheel: Just the Facts

    Sure, alloy wheels are hot these days. These wheels are lighter and look more attractive than the other wheels in the market. But the steel wheel is slowly making their comeback to the top of the list. Resilient to damage, steel wheels don't crack or bend easily in the event of accidents. Wheels made from dual-phase steel are generally thinner and more lightweight, allowing for speed gains for your vehicle. Steel wheels have been in production for many, many years, so you can trust that these wheels really deliver benefits. And who says these wheels aren't stylish? Nowadays, the replacement parts market is replete with styled steel wheels that can definitely give your vehicle a unique appearance. Check out our catalogs at Auto Parts Deal and you'll see what we mean. Auto Parts Deal is your best web-based source of premium steel wheels to replace your vehicle's stock.

    • Features high resilience to damage

    • Comes in many sportier, attractive finishes, and designs

    • Can give your vehicle a unique stylistic edge

  • Wheel: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    If you keep wishing your car were as glamorous as other cars you come across, then you've come to the right place. We can help you give your car a classy look. If there's one quick but effective modification that adds points to your vehicle's appearance, a custom wheel set has to be it.You can choose to equip your car from magnesium, alloy, or steel wheels. All these wheel types come with attractive finishes that can definitely catch attention on the road. More importantly, though, these wheels are also made to deliver top-notch performance.Magnesium wheels offer higher heat resistance and are usually lighter than other wheels. A wheel set made from alloy can dissipate brake heat more efficiently, preventing brake failure for a longer period.Steel wheels are popular for their durability; these wheels often require little maintenance. Whatever set you choose, you're sure to enjoy a lot of benefits. So browse our catalog at Auto Parts Deal. Pick the wheel set you think suits your vehicle best, and we'll take care of getting it to you.

    • Made of lightweight and durable materials

    • Different sizes, widths and finishes to choose from

    • Can change your car's appearance and improve your car's performance