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Having a power window in your vehicle provides great convenience. Instead of having to turn the window knob to open the window, you just have to press the window switch with ease. The power window's automated feature comes from the window motor. Electrically generated, it triggers the mechanism to activate the gears or spurs to raise or lower the window glass.
Another part of the power window system is the window regulator. This is responsible for raising and lowering the window glass. The window regulator allows the passenger to raise or lower the window at their own will. This window regulator performs the process automatically at a touch of the button. The passengers won't have to manually rotate the crank handle, since a window motor has been installed to activate the gears to lift and lower the window glass.
Most cars of today have power windows equipped in them. The switch, or the power window switch, is usually found near the grasp of a passenger for safety and convenience. Window switches may vary from toggle switches, rocker switches or lever switches. Of the three, the lever type of window switch appears to be the most ideal because of its safety features as it does not allow the window to get raised easily even accidentally. The welfare of children passenger are taken consideration in designing this type of window switch.
Having a power window system in your vehicle will give passengers great comfort and safety.

Window Motor Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Window Motor

    A premium window motor from us ensures that you can enjoy using your vehicle's power windows for a longer period of time.
    Aren't you just thankful that the days when you have to manually crank your windows' levers to open and close them are over? Thanks to modern technology, almost all vehicles now use electrically operated windows. Because of this, you can now conveniently close or open your car windows just by pushing a button. And this convenience that your power windows bring is possible because of the window motor.
    A power window motor comprises a set of gears that when activated, work together to pull the window glass down or to push it up. Every part that makes up the window motors therefore need to be in good condition all the time, to avoid the inconvenience of being unable to open the windows when you need to. For example, if you're enjoying the view and rain suddenly pours, or when you need to let in cool, fresh air in the cabin. And if all your windows are damaged beyond repair, you must find a replacement for them as soon as you can.
    Thanks to your window motor, you don't have to sweat or develop humongous muscles when you open or close your car's window. No more cranking/ Just push the button and the window slides open and close. That easy/

  • Window Motor: Just the Facts

    Thanks to modern technology, gone are the days of manually cranking a lever around to open or close a car window. Power windows make rolling your vehicle's windows up and down a lot more convenient. By simply pushing a button, you can quickly raise or lower your car's window glass whenever desired. The convenience that you enjoy with power windows is possible as long as the window motor is in good shape. Acting as the power windows' core component, the window motor consists of a set of gears responsible for pulling the window glass down or pushing it up. So it's pretty easy to tell when your vehicle's power windows need a window motor replacement. To resolve the problem quickly, get the replacement motor only here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • We have OE and aftermarket window motors available and ready for immediate shipment.

    • Made by top manufacturers, our replacement window motors guarantee better function and durability. Our window motors perfectly work with most power window set-ups.

    • Since the window motors we offer come with installation instructions, installing these units is as easy as ABC.