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Make sure you can easily raise or lower your vehicle's windows by using a window regulator from us.
Windows are very important parts of your vehicle. Can you imagine being in a car that has no windows? Not only is that suffocating, the trip is less enjoyable, too. Well, how can you let in the sweet, crisp air from the countryside? Or just look out and enjoy the scenery?
Almost every new vehicle these days now uses power windows. These are operated by merely pressing a button. Power windows use power window regulators that are located inside the panels of your car doors. A power window setup is activated with electricity, which propels the window to move up or down. But its task doesn't end with providing comfort. Did you know it's a security measure, too? Window regulator parts ensure that the window pane can't be forced down. This way, you have a preliminary protection against thieves. Obviously, window regulators do so much for your car, so it's very important that you take good care of them.
But since the regulator is one of the most used parts of your vehicle, it's also easily worn out. So check its components regularly to prevent accumulation of grime that blocks its crevices and hinders its operation. Think: a damaged window regulator is of no use to you and your vehicle. So why compromise your comfort and your car's security? Replace a damaged window regulator immediately.

Window Regulator Articles

  • A 5-Step Guide to Installing a Window Regulator

    When one of your car's power windows gets stuck, the culprit is usually the window regulator. It is the mechanical part of the window that is expected to wear out over time due to frequent use or other damaging factors, such as corrosion and dirt. Replacing the defective window regulator is a simple task. So if you've had enough of your stuck windows, here's a quick guide on how to install a new window regulator:

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Screwdriver set
    2. Allen wrench
    3. Plastic pry tool
    4. Replacement window regulator kit

    Removing the door panel

    Using the right tools, remove the screws and pry the panel from the door carefully to avoid breaking the clips. Remove the wirings inside the door, such as power window mechanism, power lock controls, and stereo speaker, if any. Set the door aside, along with its screws and clips for reassembly later.

    Detaching the window glass

    Support the window glass from the bottom so that it wouldn't fall when you remove it from the door. Ask an assistant to help you out to avoid breaking the glass. Once removed, keep the glass in a safe place for later.

    Uninstalling the window motor and regulator

    Now that the window glass is removed, you now have access to the window motor and regulator. Unplug the wirings from the motor and remove the screws and clips that hold it. Check them for cracks or damages and set them aside.

    Installing the window regulator replacement

    Place the new window regulator to where you previously removed the stock part. Secure it with screws or clips to keep them in place. Carefully tighten the screws to ensure that the part wouldn't fall.

    Reassembling the window glass and the door panel

    Replace the window glass and connect it to the window motor and regulator. Again, ask someone to assist you to avoid breaking it. Replace the components you have removed and reconnect the wirings. Replace the door panel and make sure to secure them with screws and clips.


    • It is better to use a plastic pry tool than a screwdriver to remove the door panel. This way, the door will not be damaged.
    • You can lubricate the replacement window regulator's slide area with white lithium grease before installing it.
    • You may also clean the window run channels using a silicone spray to ensure that there will be no problems once the new window regulator is installed.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Window Regulator

    Do you want to feel the soft breeze on your face while driving? Roll your windows up and down with a fully functioning window regulator. Window regulators allow you to drive with open or closed windows. Available in both manual and electric types, this component is located inside the door panel. It transforms and up and down motion. Manual window regulators can be operated by simply turning the crank on the door while electric window regulators are activated by pressing a button or flicking a switch; this type of regulator is usually connected to a window motor that controls its function.

    In case you're having trouble opening and closing your side windows, you might need to replace your window regulator. Before you start shopping for a replacement, find out the specs of your stock regulator. Make sure that the replacement you purchase meets these specifications. Some highly recognized brands in the industry include Dorman, Replacement, AutoTrust Gold, and A1 Cardone. It is also advisable to make sure that the new regulator comes with a warranty that guarantees it is crafted using high-grade materials and processes.

    Afterwards, get a socket wrench, set of pliers and screwdrivers, and a masking tape. Open your door panel by prying it with a screwdriver and lift the window switch to take it off. Loosen all the screws that hold the panel into place and detach other components until you reach the stock window regulator. Remove it from the door frame and place the new regulator to its former location. Use the masking tape to reattach the plastic liner around the door. Then, reconnect the electrical wires and screw everything back into place. Secure the door panel by installing the screws and place the window switch back to its original location. By following these steps, now you can raise or close your side windows with ease.

  • Learn Vital Factors of a Window Regulator to your Vehicle

    On the road, we see different cars. Some are from the 1960s and others that just came out of the factory. These different vehicles are equipped with different window regulators: manual and automatic. A window regulator is basically the one responsible for allowing us to open or close the windows at any time we want to. Having a car window is convenient because you don't necessarily need to open the door to get the parking ticket or pay the toll on the highway.

    Basically, without the window regulator, the car window won't be able to function properly. If you're having a difficult time putting the window down, then there's already something wrong with the regulator and that it needs to be fixed right away. You wouldn't want to have stuck glass windows in times that you want your air conditioner on full blast. If a problem occurs, check the window regulator parts if there are any worn-out units that need to be restored. Don't wait for it to fully get damaged to do so.

    There are two types of windows: manual and automatic. The former is the one found on old vehicles that require you to exert a lot of effort just trying to put the windows up or down, while the latter lets you just click or pull on the button to do the job for you. Check what type of car window you have because you might need a window regulator without motor. Make sure when you get a replacement, it's durable and made from the finest quality components. The new window regulator should also guarantee you that it will allow you to open your windows at ease. Keep your vehicle in top shape at all times and get rid of busted units. Your car should always be a convenient ride.

  • Window Regulator: Just the Facts

    Stuck with a car window that doesn't open or close? Roll up your sleeves and check for signs of damage on your vehicle's window regulator. The window regulator is the mechanism responsible for raising and lowering the window glass. So when the gears in the regulator become stuck, you're left with power windows that take ages to roll down or roll up, if at all. Depending on the nature of damage, the window regulator can be repaired. It's not always practical though; replacing damaged stock window regulators remains the safest, quickest, and best solution. Don't worry about where to get the best window regulator for your vehicle. Auto Parts Deal offers a wide array of window regulators for various makes and models. That means you can definitely get the best deals from us.

    • Our window regulators assure you of reliable, long lasting performance, helping you use those power windows easier.

    • Auto Parts Deal offers only window regulators from topnotch manufacturers.

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