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Replacing Your Worn-Out Window Seals

The black rubber seals that surround your vehicle's windows play a very important role in keeping your cabin comfortable. If your window seals are worn out, they won't be able to fulfill their job of protecting the interior of your vehicle from bad weather and harsh winds. Replacing damaged window seals is a very inexpensive auto repair job that even rookie DIYers can tackle in just a few hours.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • Pliers
  • Cutter or razor blade
  • Adhesive remover
  • Adhesive or sealant
  • Wire or nylon cleaning brush
  • Removing the old window seals

    For window seals that are glued to the window frame, soak the rubber seal with adhesive remover for a few minutes. Afterwards, pry off the window seal using your pliers. You can cut them off one segment a time for easier removal. If the window seal is held on by plastic clips or screws as well, remove them too.

    Cleaning the window frame

    Scrub the old adhesive off the window frame. Make sure that you get all the adhesive off to ensure that the new window seals will fit perfectly.

    Fitting the new window seal

    Test the new window seal first to check for the correct fit and alignment. Start fitting your window seal on one corner and work your way around the window frame. Once you have lined up the window seal, put a small amount of adhesive or sealant to permanently attach the window seals to the frame.

    Finishing the installation

    Reinstall any screws or plastic clips that secured the old window seal to the window frame. Check for any gaps and close them up with some sealant if necessary.

    Tips and warnings

    • Make sure that you let your newly installed window seals dry completely before rolling your windows up and down. If you open or close the windows without letting the window seals dry fully, the rubber seals might fall off.
    • It is advisable to do this procedure in a warm environment. Replacing your window seals in cold temperature might cause the rubber seals to contract, resulting to a more difficult installation.

    Window Seal Articles

    • Fairchild Industries vs. Metro Moulded: Who Makes the Better Window Seal?

      To prevent wind and water from entering your vehicle, sturdy window seals are a must. Looking for high-quality window seals can be quite the challenge, especially with so many products that offer original equipment quality and only few that actually deliver. Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded are two of those window seal manufacturers that claim topnotch weather protection from their high-quality window seals, but can they really deliver? We pitted the window seals of both brands against each other and here's what we found out.

      Ease of installation

      While both Metro Moulded and Fairchild Industries offered custom-molded and machined window seals, the push-on Self-Sealing window seal from Fairchild Industries proved to be much easier and faster to install. After installation, both window seal brands were a perfect fit-they left no gaps and were the exact length.

      WINNER: Fairchild Industries


      Metro Moulded window seal's EPDM rubber that was crafted in high heat and is treated with ozone and UV resistance really looked and felt durable. The spongy rubber material made the window seal very soft but still strong. On the other hand, Fairchild Industries' use of automotive-grade rubber and custom-extruded soft foam rubber resulted to a denser and stiffer window seal that was still pliable. Both were available in a nice jet black color, so they matched the original window seals perfectly. Although the window seals haven't been installed long enough to be tested for durability, the first impression we got was definitely great.

      WINNER: Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded


      With a 15-year Metro Moulded warranty, the Metro Moulded window seals definitely offer the better quality guarantee. They even have the Metro Moulded Platinum Series seals which have a full 30-year replacement warranty. Fairchild Industries only provide limited warranty for their window seals.


      Both Metro Moulded and Fairchild Industries definitely present very good, high-quality choices when it comes to weatherstripping your vehicle. In terms of price, both brands have products along the same price range with a difference of only a few dollars. However, because of their 15-year and 30-year full warranty, the Metro Moulded window seals have a slight edge when it comes to quality assurance.