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Wiper Pulse Module

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5-Step Wiper Pulse Module Installation

Your vehicle's wipers are controlled by a unit called the wiper pulse module. This module usually needs to be replaced once its logic chip gets fried by a problematic wiper switch. This module lasts a long time if the electrical wires of the components it controls are properly connected. In case you need to replace your damaged wiper pulse module, make sure you do it correctly by following this guide. Prepare the tools and gear up for a 30-minute DIY task.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • New wiper pulse module
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Positioning the wipers

    If the wipers are not in parked position, run the engine and operate the wipers until they are horizontally set at the bottom of the windshield.

    Cutting the electrical connections

    Before working on any electrically run component on your vehicle, make sure that the electrical connection is cut. Lift the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench. For added security, work with gloves on to prevent electrical shock.

    Locating the wiper motor and the module

    Locate the wiper motor under the dashboard, then disconnect its wiring connector. Next, disconnect the wiper washer pump from its hoses. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that attach the driver-rod to the wiper arm, then separate the driver-rod from the wiper arm. Once this is done, go back under the dashboard and locate the module next to the motor.

    Removing the old module

    Remove the screws that secure the wiper pulse module to the assembly. There may be two or more screws that you need to unfasten. Set the screws aside.

    Installing the new module

    Switch the new control module with the removed one, then secure it in place by fastening the screws. Reconnect the driver-rod to the wiper arm, the hoses to the washer pump, and the wiring connector to the motor. Reattach the negative battery cable, then try if the wipers work fine with the newly installed pulse module.

    Tips and warnings

    • Make sure that the control unit you are going to install is the right one for your vehicle's make and model.
    • In some models, the wiper pulse module is located at a far-flung area under the dashboard. Make sure that you do some body stretching first before getting down on the floor to install the new control unit.

    Wiper Pulse Module Articles

    • Dorman vs. AC Delco: Which Brand Supplies Better Wiper Pulse Modules?

      The ability to activate the wipers in at least two speeds at the right response time is what an ideal wiper pulse module should be. Because wipers are important components especially during rainy weather, it is imperative that they are controlled by a powerful control unit that can stand the test of function and time. However, with many competing pulse module manufacturers like Dorman and AC Delco, choosing the right one is really confusing. There are several features that you should consider when buying, so here is a simple run-down of comparisons to help you out:

      Product type

      The more products are available for consumers, the better the selection experience becomes. AC Delco provides original equipment replacement wiper pulse modules that are crafted according to the own engineering guidelines of the original car manufacturer. Dorman, on the other hand, provides direct cross and non-direct cross modules, and some are classified either for the front or the rear wipers of the vehicle. While both provide quality wiper pulse modules, you are better off going for the one that offers an easier product search.



      AC Delco and Dorman offer pulse modules that run on 12 or 24 volts of power, depending on the suggested requirement by the vehicle manufacturer. With AC Delco, you also get a window wiper and washer controller, which is a great help if you want to electronically operate the wipers. Some of these controllers allow the wipers to increase or decrease speed between strokes, and the settings can be changed as necessary. On the contrary, with Dorman, you get a new cover plate and hardware together with the product, which are not as good as new wiper controllers.

      WINNER:AC Delco


      All AC Delco wiper pulse modules come with a year or 12,000-mile limited warranty, while those from Dorman have a lifetime limited warranty.

      WINNER:AC Delco and Dorman


      Prices actually vary, but you can get pulse modules at around 50USD to 110USD from AC Delco. Dorman products, however, are priced at around 20USD to 30USD. Despite this great pricing difference, you still have to see if the prices guarantee a good quality.


      The verdict

      Both AC Delco and Dorman are good names when it comes to wiper pulse modules, but take note of these comparisons when shopping. Both brands offer quality replacement modules, warranties, and unique features, but still, the greatest choice determiner will be the price. Weigh your options side by side your budget, and settle for the quality you could live with.