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Has engine rebuilding become a hobby to you? Most car enthusiasts dedicate a lot of time customizing their vehicle by rebuilding their engine-for the reason of performance or simply pure fun. Much as this is fun, though, the process is also critical and requires sufficient experience in doing the task. You can't go wrong with the engine, because even the smallest mistake can lead to a major disaster. Even when it comes to your needed rebuild parts, you have to trust only the best. And for all your needed seals and gaskets, Wrightwood Racing is the name to remember.

This brand is known for offering seals, gaskets, and o-rings that are specifically crafted for engine rebuilding and for rigorous and demanding applications that require better sealing. Some of the parts that it offers are the Wrightwood Racing timing cover gasket set, Wrightwood Racing engine seal kit, and the Wrightwood Racing ST gasket set. These are great options because they are made from more durable materials. While most seals and gaskets are built from average rubber, the seals from the company are built from viton. This type of material is synthetic rubber, and it's known for its high resistance to heat, one of the most common enemies of gaskets and seals.

Once you have these new parts, the next secret to getting the most out of the said components is to mount them properly. There are certain tips for getting it right when mounting. One has to do with alignment. Be sure that the part is properly aligned with the surface into which you're mounting it-alignment greatly determines the lifespan and efficiency of the gasket. Improper alignment might lead to leaks, and this can cause premature part damage. Two is the use of bolts. If you're using bolts with your Wrightwood Racing gaskets and seals, properly tighten them. Don't over-tighten, as this can put a lot of pressure on the seal and can cause damage.