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The whole is the total of all its parts-this cannot be truer than in your car. Being a complex machine made up of several components, the overall efficiency of your vehicle depends on all the systems and parts that are mounted in it-its performance parts and even its automotive add-ons. Among the components that handle major functions in your ride are the electrical parts, those that get their power through the battery. For all these parts, trust only a name as good as WSO.

This company offers major electrical components for a wide array of vehicles. The first of these parts are the starter and the alternator, components that work side by side to crank your ride and all the other parts that depend on electrical power. While the starter is for the engine, the alternator is for all the other electrical components in your ride like the broad range of lights that your car has. The WSO starter is designed to crank the engine when you turn the key in the ignition, while the WSO alternator is built to supply continuous power to the other electronic parts as your vehicle runs. The parts from the brand are built with high quality, ensuring that your car and its electrical devices will always be charged and functioning.

Other popular offerings from the company are its WSO window motor and WSO window regulator, primary components of the power window system. The motor is the part that controls window operation through the power supplied to it. And when that power is then received, the regulator comes to action to manually move the window glasses up and down, thereby opening and closing them to meet your specific driving demands. Both of these parts work hand in hand to keep the power windows of your vehicle in tiptop condition.