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A Xenon Body Kit is a uniquely designed restyling kit for your vehicle and is made of tough, durable urethane that is virtually unbreakable. Your Xenon Body Kit does not use silicone mold release film on parts, instead offering a wax-based mold release film. That means there will be less time involved in cleaning and preparing the parts for painting. A Xenon Body Kit is designed and engineered to use as much factory mounting points and hardware as possible to give the kit a factory look. And, a Xenon Body Kit will be easy to install, with illustrated instructions and all the necessary hardware provided. Some Xenon Body Kits include built-in optional fog light cutouts on air dams, while others have smoked acrylic panels and are beautifully designed. There are also 1 and 3 piece rear spoilers to finish off that custom look.
Xenon Fender Flares are made of urethane, the material used by the big carmakers for impact resistance parts, and it's also the toughest and most flexible material available. Your Xenon Fender Flares can take an impact that that severely distorts the part, yet will return to its original shape. Xenon Fender Flares don't use fiberglass, which is brittle and can shatter on impact. ABS co-laminates are tough plastic and can withstand moderate impacts, but Xenon Fender Flares urethane construction means they can take a beating and bounce back. Fender flares are the most exposed part of the side of your truck and might be the first area of contact on a side impact. Xenon Sport Flares fit directly to the side of your vehicle without an extra edge trim like ABS competitors, and offer styling, rugged construction, perfect fit and easy installation. Make sure yours are Xenon Fender Flares that can take it.
Xenon Ground Effects are proven to withstand the rugged test of racecars, but you'll love them because of how they enhance the beauty of your vehicle. Xenon Ground Effects are the best because of the styling and the quality urethane parts with excellent fit. Xenon commissions leading designers for all their products and also has its own tooling department to insure the quality and fit of all Xenon products. Xenon is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing urethane ground effect kits for popular sport coupes, sedans and even pickup trucks. You know the quality is there when the name is Xenon.

Xenon Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Xenon Product, For the Right Job

    Curves are sexy-just ask men. But while curves are often associated only with women, you might be surprised to know that you can give your car some curves, too-and yes, you can make it look sexy! Spicing up the look of your vehicle need not always involve adding flamboyant add-ons and flashy accessories. The fact is, even the most subtle additions can be powerful. In fact, they can have a better effect. And when it comes to these additions, you can find a lot of choices from Xenon. It's a manufacturer of automotive body styling components for a wide range of vehicles.

    More formally known as the American Fabrication Corporation or the AFC, the company has been offering body parts for more than three decades now. Some of the parts that you'll find from the brand are its Xenon side skirts, Xenon fender flares, and the Xenon bumper cover. It uses polyurethane as the primary material in all the parts that it manufactures, and it boasts of molds as many as 500, ensuring a wide coverage for different car makes and models. And while it uses top-of-the-line materials in crafting all the products that it offers, it also focuses on the design of its body styling components. These parts are sure to give your vehicle its needed curves.

    Once you have these Xenon parts, all you have to do is to ensure that they'll remain in good shape for a long time. Now how do you ensure that? Well for one, keep the parts clean-a curvy and sexy ride won't give you your desired effects if your vehicle body looks dirty and worn-out. Second, provide the parts with sufficient protection from the damaging effects of the sun and of salt and moisture. Waxing can help to keep it shiny and prevent its fading. There are also other formulas that you can get for maximum protection.