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German is to German, as Japanese is to Japanese. So if you have a Japanese car in your garage (a Honda, Toyota, or Mitsubishi auto, perhaps?), you need a Japanese partner in keeping that vehicle in tiptop condition. Whether it's your car engine, the brakes, suspension, or steering assembly, a Japanese partner is best. After all, who knows a Japanese car better than a Japanese auto parts manufacturer? And when it comes to the ignition parts of your Japanese vehicle, YEC is the right name to trust.

YEC distributor rotor, YEC ignition points, and YEC cap and rotor kit-these are just some of the parts that you can get from the said company. These parts are top in quality, all thanks to the materials used in their engineering and the coating used to finish these components. From design to engineering, these parts have been built using the most stringent manufacturing techniques. And, they have also been completely tested in terms of function and fit, giving you the guarantee that they will excel when already exposed to rigorous driving demands.

The ignition system is one assembly of your vehicle that you would not want to entrust to just any random company whose quality is not yet proven. This assembly is involved in the major operations of your vehicle, so you have to entrust it only on companies and brands that are proven-with a good name and sufficient experience in the manufacture of high-quality components. YEC is just that. Its parts are among the leaders in the Japanese aftermarket industry and these parts now have a global reach, being used by people around the world who have Japanese cars in their garage.