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In 'The Market for Lemons', the 2001 Nobel Award-winning piece written by George A. Akerlof, Michael Spence, and Joseph E. Stiglitz, the paper discussed the improbability of perfect information dissemination in markets. An example used in the paper was how you can scour the world for a good-quality used car but that you'll never find it. Buying a used car is like buying someone else's problem. What appears to be a gem in the used car parking lot, is in reality a chunk of junk in the owner's eyes. It's a no-win situation. So what's the perfect solution to this monetarial headache? Buying a brand new Yugo.Yugo is a car brand distributed by the Serbian manufacturer Zastava. First introduced to the North American market in 1992, used car buyers were immediately swayed into buying the incredibly cheap Yugo based on the company's promotional campaign, 'Go new, go Yugo'. These days, Yugo vehicles are back in the American market. And aside from offering affordable vehicles for the money-conscious, Zastava is also providing Yugo owners with top-quality replacement Yugo Parts.Yugo SKS Parts or even AK parts are now available to Yugo drivers who need to tweak their rides to retain their vehicle's dependable performance. For like all the rest of the vehicles on the market, your Yugo does require regular replacement of some of its components, particularly the engine's timing belt. To ensure maximum Yugo performance, we suggest addressing auto problems immediately after their onset by stocking up in basic replacement Yugo Parts like headlights, timing chains, and spark plugs.