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Do you know that upgrading the brake discs in your vehicle will improve not just your braking performance but even your ride appeal? Well, it will! The brake disc is the simple metal casting that provides a clamping surface for the brake pads to make friction production possible. This is the actual action that brings your vehicle to a complete stop. But, if you're planning of a disc upgrade, your new knowledge will help you hit two birds with one stone in your disc purchase. Entrust all your needs to Zimmermann Cross Drilled!

This company offers a selection of brake discs for a wide array of car makes and models. It offers discs made from strong materials, and it incorporates efficient designs into its products-for the reason of both appeal and function. One of its parts is the Zimmermann Cross Drilled brake disc. As the brand name states, many of the discs offered by the company come with cross-drilled holes. First and foremost, these holes make the disc visually appealing. Once mounted in place and seen beneath the wheels, the effects can be head-turning. And when you add in the shine in these discs, you get a complete look upgrade. These discs, however, are more than just appeal. The drilled holes in the disc are actually helpful in dissipating all the heat that is produced when braking. This prevents heat buildup, which often results in damage such as disc cracking.

Other than cross drilling, another brake disc design that you may get interested in is the incorporation of slots. This also improves brake disc appearance. But, more than that, this helps maximize contact between the brake pads and the disc. How? Well, the slots accommodate the brake dust that would have settled either on the disc or pad surface, reducing contact between the two parts. With the slots, the brake dust is taken out of the picture and maximum contact is achieved, thereby producing a maximum amount of friction. All these benefits, you can get from Zimmermann Cross Drilled parts.